6 Ways Seniors Can Thrive, Live Healthier Lives and Leave a Lasting Legacy

Managing your physical and mental health is always important but focusing on your well-being becomes even more essential with the passage of time. Seniors who want to take more control of their lives should start by taking more control of these elements of their health. So, here are a few health and wellness tips that can help you enjoy the years ahead of you.


Take More Control of Your Medicare Coverage

Most seniors need Medicare to cover healthcare costs, but many seniors don’t understand it. However, even if you are not very comfortable researching Medicare coverage online, you can use a Medicare plan finder tool to make sure you have the Medicare plans that best fit you. Plus, knowing you have the coverage will give you more peace of mind regarding your health.


Make Stress Management a Major Life Priority

We all deal with stress in our lives. However, when stress becomes chronic, it can take a toll on your health that is difficult to reverse. This is why it pays for seniors to be proactive with stress-relieving practices. Find the self-care steps that work best for you and make time in your life for them. This might include saying “no” more often or taking time to do absolutely nothing. The important thing is to do whatever works for you!


Tackle Any Lingering Chronic Pain Issues

Those stress-relieving steps mentioned above can also help you manage chronic pain. However, if you are still living with regular pain and inflammation, you should focus on addressing those issues. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider and ensure that your doctor really understands your pain. Many seniors and adults do not get the treatment they need due to a layered misunderstanding of pain by healthcare providers, so don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and speak up if you feel like you’re not being taken seriously. Conscious breathing techniques are effective at managing stress, chronic pain and anxiety.

6 Ways Seniors Can Thrive, Live Healthier Lives and Leave a Lasting Legacy Managing health

Build a Regular Physical Fitness Routine

Seniors can also help reduce chronic pain, as well as other health concerns, by engaging in a regular fitness routine. Exercise has been proven to reduce the instance of chronic disease, as well as potentially serious falls. You can get started by taking a couple of brisk walks each day or joining a local gym. If you prefer not to pay for a gym membership, you can also pick up some exercise essentials to help you work out at home. An exercise ball and some resistance bands can do the trick for most seniors looking to get into better shape.


Reduce the Risk of Falls Around Your Home  

Falling at home is a leading cause of injury for older adults, and these injuries can leave you feeling less in control of your future. You already know that exercise is an important first step in reducing your risk of falling, but if you want to prevent yourself from falling, you also need to get your home in shape. Commit to keeping your home free of clutter, and try to eliminate potential trip hazards. This may mean getting rid of rugs or installing grab bars, but these simple changes can help protect your health, and protect your mental well-being in the process.


Look for Ways to Help Out in Your Community

As we grow older, we start to think more seriously about the mark we will leave behind on the world. Volunteering in your community is one way you can make sure the legacy you leave is a positive one. There are many causes that seniors can help with, and that help can even provide some bonus health benefits for older adults. Those positive interactions with others are crucial to preventing depression and isolation as you age, so start thinking about how you can make a lasting, positive impact on the world around you.

Being a senior does not have to slow you down. However, it does mean taking more measures to manage your health and wellness. Those steps can be simple if you have the tools and advice to guide you into your golden years.


Karen Weeks, Founder of the inspiring Elderwellness.net, has found her purpose in spreading the message that nothing is off limits to seniors. You can reach Karen at Karen@elderwellness.net

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