Alternatives to Healing Chronic Pain

Elizabeth Kipp visited with Kat Burdett on The Wellbeing Wanderer Podcast and they discussed alternatives to healing chronic pain.

If you or someone you care about are struggling

with chronic pain, stress, or anxiety and want an alternative way to heal, then this episode is for you.

Listen to the episode HERE.

Key points covered in today’s episode:

  • Elizabeth shares her backstory

and how she spent 40 years of her life with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, and how she has been able to overcome it all


  • How after years of going to doctors and some traditional holistic methods she wasn’t getting the results she wanted

until she discovered a Neurophysiologist and Chi Gong healer that really understood the root and solution to chronic pain.


  • The damaging effects of long-term use of drugs designed to relieve pain


  • The power of the mind and the hierarchal steps to take to train your brain

to not react negatively to feeling pain including calming the mind, regulating the nervous system, connecting to others, and learning how to breathe.


  • Conscious breathing and how to regulate the nervous system

beginning with the breath which targets the vagus nerve that runs through our entire body and controls our fight and flight.


  • Practicing conscious breathing

will improve your window of tolerance and improve your capacity for resilience with stress and anxiety.


  • How finding a sense of connection

to ourselves internally and the world is an important piece to reducing and eliminating pain and anxiety.


  • How disassociating from yourself

and labeling the pain as pain changes it and makes it manageable and changes it into energy.


  • That suffering is optional and how resistance amplifies the suffering


  • How having a positive attitude to life,

being present and shifting your state to feeling joyful and grateful is another piece to relieving stress and anxiety.


  • Lengthening and deepening the breath is the quickest way to reduce pain,

find regulation and connect to infinite intelligence inside that instructs the body how to heal.


  • The unfathomable potential we have to heal ourselves

from any illness and disease through the power of our thoughts.


  • What Ancestral Clearing is, the scientific proof that’s come to light about it and Elizabeth shares a live Ancestral Clearing technique!

LISTEN HERE to find alternatives to healing chronic pain.


Alternatives to Healing Chronic Pain

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