How Ancestral Clearing Can Help with Leadership

If you’re interested in leadership and you want to lead as your most authentic self, the Lead From Within Podcast is for you. Listen to this episode where Michele Thomson, R.N., speaks with Elizabeth Kipp on how Ancestral Clearing can help with leadership.


Lead from within

Each week, host Michele Thomson will do a deep-dive into how leaders can hold space so people feel valued, build trust, and create psychologically safe workplaces that people never want to leave. We will include how to sustainably incorporate self-care into your daily routine so that you feel balanced and purposeful in all aspects of your life. Leadership isn‘t complicated – it begins from within.

Here is a summary of this episode, “How Ancestral Clearing Can Help To Develop Your Leadership Style with Guest Elizabeth Kipp.”

Leadership is complicated. What is it? (0:09)

The definition of chronic pain. (2:14)

Chronic pain is anything that is felt 15 days out of 30 for three months or more, so grief is a chronic pain experience.
Unresolved trauma in the system is also chronic pain.
Chronic pain includes things like grief and emotions we hold on to, such as grief.
The number of people living with chronic pain is typically at least a 6 out of 10, sometimes, it’s a 10 out of 10, and someone close to you has never had chronic pain.
The cycle of suffering is the negative cycle that happens when the pain becomes chronic.
The problem with chronic pain is in the brain.

What does it take to heal the brain? (8:34)

Cultural safety and humility. (14:17)

Cultural violence, cultural violence, cultural safety, humility, and cultural safety are the five elements of cultural healing.
Ancestral healing has impacted people’s ability to walk through the world. It has impacted our ability to lead from a leadership perspective.
We are all one. The result of generations of trial and error and all that information is right in us. In this moment, our ancestors are with us in a very real sense.
Leadership is not competition, it is collaboration, and it’s not separate.

The importance of ancestral peace. (20:16)

Ancestral peace is important to rise to one’s own potential when weighed down by the weight of past guilt, shame, and resentment.

Ancestral Clearing and the process of offering up that which no longer serves. (23:03)

The release of energy that is not serving you. (29:17)

Forgiveness is just releasing what is not serving you, not forgetting or giving permission to someone who is wrong to you. It’s just saying this isn’t serving you anymore.
The ancestral aspect is so important because it helps shed beliefs and limitations that you walked into the room with.

Adequately addressing medical trauma is a huge piece of the healing process,

and if people don’t talk about it and normalize it like they do other aspects of mental health, it still can be very isolating and make people feel like there’s something wrong with them.

What happens to one happens to all. (40:10)

The individual doesn’t exist alone, the individual exists in the context of a culture, so it’s important to talk about medical trauma as a group.
The Western medical model is too reductionist, where one can’t separate mind and body from spirit. It’s all one.

Integrating Ancestral Clearing into our daily lives. (43:04)

How to integrate ancestral healing into personal and professional lives, and what people can do on a regular basis to start the process of integrating this into their lives.
Howard Wills pioneered the Ancestral Clearing work, and John Newton developed it further and teaches it.

How Ancestral Clearing Can Help With Leadership

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