Becoming a Transitional Character: The Ancestors Within & Ancestral Clearing

My chapter in the book The Ancestors Within: Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry is called Becoming a Transitional Character: Leveraging Your Ancestral Gifts to Heal Transgenerational Trauma. My chapter for this collaborative book of 25 author/experts in the ancestral healing arts is another touchpoint to all the other chapters in this book.

So, what is a Transitional Character?

A transitional character, a term coined by Carlfred Broderick, is one who, in a single generation, changes the entire course of a lineage. Their contribution to humanity is to filter out the destructiveness of their heritage so that descendent generations will have a supportive foundation for building optimal and thriving lives.

I became a transitional character even before I knew there was a term for it.

In my family on one side has been in the munitions business for a few hundred years. I remember being about 4 years old and seeing this vision of the result of all that and wondering, “What am I doing in this family?” I didn’t like it. But little did I know at the time that that was my mission – to come and help transmute that energy. I expand on that in my chapter.

My tool in the Ancestors Within book

My tool in this book is one that I learned in my own healing journey. It helps us to release the burden of the past and find the gifts of our ancestry. It’s really important to see what those gifts are because they provide the momentum to release. We leverage these gifts to help us transmute negativity into constructive energy.

My tool of Ancestral Clearing® is really tricky to put down on paper because it is predominantly an experiential practice. It is really hard to describe in words. How do you describe the experience of eating chocolate or ice cream to someone? It’s like that. How does one describe what an Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner does?

Part of the mission of this collaborative book project is to give the readers the story behind the tool, which is healing in itself, but to take that one step further and get to know each of the author-experts in the book. We are trailblazing with these authentic stories. Then we each teach a powerful tool that we use with our own clients. And in support of the book, readers can join The Ancestors Within Community on Facebook to interact with other readers and the authors themselves.

More about the tool of Ancestral Clearing®

We bring in Creator energy when we ask for help. You don’t have to believe in a Higher Power for this process to work. Gravity acts on us whether we believe in it or not. Asking for help and the Creator is like that. We ask for help in releasing the unhealthy burdens and patterns from our lineage. There’s a formula that’s baked into the process.

The experience of Ancestral Clearing®

I often hear people remark about how powerful the Ancestral Clearing® process is. It was certainly my experience of it, especially the first time I tried it. With my science background, you can’t come to me with a bunch of words and say, “You’re going to get an effect from reading them.” My reaction to that from my scientific training would be to ask, “What?!!” But the experience of Ancestral Clearing® had an effect. I remember saying to myself, “What just happened? I know something happened. Is it measurable? And is it reproducible? And is this process taught?” The answers to these questions was a resounding, “Yes!” So, words do have power, even when we read them silently. Words have tremendous power when they are  put into a certain format.

From a yogic perspective, we say, “The tongue is the sword that cuts both ways.” Words are a lot more powerful that we may think they are at first glance.

Themes in The Ancestors Within Book

Each of the authors in The Ancestors Within: Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry is a pattern breaker. We create the space to help the reader break a pattern from their past. Another theme in the book is that each of the authors talks about how we chose this as our work. Each of chose the family we were born into in order to transcend and transmute the transgenerational trauma of the lineage. Each of us has taken responsibility for our place in our families.

Leveraging your ancestral gifts to heal transgenerational trauma

By becoming aware of the unresolved issues in your lineage and in your past, you can use the tool of Ancestral Clearing® and other tools in The Ancestors Within to transmute negative energy into the evolutionary energy of healing and growth.

We are each a transitional character. My chapter Becoming a Transitional Character: Leveraging Your Ancestral Gifts to Heal Transgenerational Trauma is a reminder for you as a reader. You can step up today with more confidence about taking on such a role. The work you do on yourself today will not only heal you, but also heal your lineage in both directions – ancestors and descendants.

What else is possible in terms of healing and the ancestors?

One gift is to be able to listen to the information from the ancestors as it is presented.

And now I’m going to pull a 180 degree turn on you.

I did all this work around clearing the burden of my ancestors. Probably the most recent and profound work I did was in the summer of 2019. I sat with this question: Elizabeth – who would you be without the story of your family? My answer was, “I have no idea!” This was a game changer energetically for me because it made me feel like I opened myself to a greater possibility, fully to the field of consciousness for the first time in my life. Before this I had carried my perception of the story of my family. It was profound for me.

By sharpening my listening skills and trusting the process, I learned that the ancestors are always present with me through their connection to The Creator and guiding me gently along.

Becoming a Transitional Character: The Ancestors Within

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