Here are your 5 best mistakes for 2018:

Let’s be clear – mistakes are not something done ‘wrong’, rather mistakes are doorways to discovery. We live a world where we are programmed from such an early age that if we ‘make a mistake’, then we are docked for it and criticized.  I challenge that assumption and wish to reprogram this whole deal. Make your 2018 a year laden with the fruits of a whole slew of ‘mistakes’ and enter the world of brilliant discovery.

1) Make the ‘mistake’ that your idea, crazy as it may sound to you or anyone else at the time, might just work… play to and trust your Inner Genius. Do not just assume that it will not work from the get-go…unless you truly know otherwise…for real.

2) Make the ‘mistake’ of daydreaming, for these musings can yield such sweet creative fruit. I remember so many times in school when my teachers would chastise me or my classmates for daydreaming…to the point where the concept alone felt like it was a forbidden thing altogether. Yet it is in the whispers of our dreams, waking, sleeping, or otherwise, from which our fountain of creativity can burst forth. When we open ourselves to listening deeply, disengaging form active thinking, we can hear our inner knowing, our intuition. Here lies our fountain of creativity, our Inner Muse.

3) Make the ‘mistake’ of pushing beyond where you feel your current limits lay. Discover just where your limits are and stretch yourself even just a little further. Discover what happens.

4) Make the ‘mistake’ of walking right out of your comfort zone. Try new things…see what shows up. What could possibly happen? Maybe you might just discover a new part of yourself – a part that has been just waiting for you to break loose.

5) Make the ‘mistake’ of continuing on the path, even if your footsteps shift from feeling sure-footed to feeling like they are slipping and sliding, or even skittering baby steps…just keep going. Unless you are actually running from a tiger, make the ‘mistake’ of challenging the apart of you that insists you are in danger, when what’s really going on is you are in a situation that you have never experienced. While you are on the path, remember to make the’mistake’ of dancing to the rhythm of your own drummer, no matter what it looks like. Breathe and step in. Expand. Own all of who you are.

When we open to the possibilities, allow ourselves to dream, tap our creative juices, believe our intuition – that inner knowing that no one can show us; it reveals itself to each of us in its own way, we discover so much. Tune in. Turn on. Go ahead and make mistakes. Make plenty of them. Knock yourself out…Hold your light steady – Breathe – Turn up the flame and set your life on fire!


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