Chronic Pain and Addiction Recovery with Elizabeth Kipp

Join the Ouch! That Hurt Podcast – Episode #50 – Chronic Pain & Addiction Recovery with Elizabeth Kipp

Join Host and creator Felisha Hunter,

a sober soul, recovery coach, and author, as she interviews Elizabeth Kipp for an inspiring conversation about recovery. Here is a place where you can get a different perspective on what pain really means and feel safe enough to explore it. This podcast is rooted in vulnerability and authenticity. Elizabeth shares her experience of addiction and recovery from it.

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Elizabeth Kipp shares her recovery from chronic pain and addiction to opiates, benzodiazepines, and chronic pain. She had an injury to her spine that took a long time to heal. What followed were a number of surgeries to correct an instability caused by a broken vertebra at the fifth lumbar level of her spine. She shares about her long struggle of forty years of chronic pain. She attended a pain management program with Dr. Peter Przekop, who helped her heal from both her addiction to the medication and from chronic pain.

“If you want a description of Hell, I can give it to you.”

Elizabeth shares about her interview

by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who broke the story about Purdue Pharma and Oxycontin.

The addictive nature of chronic pain and healing it

Chronic pain is a complex and challenging condition that can become addictive due to the body’s natural response to discomfort and the use of pain-relieving medications like opioids. Breaking free from this cycle requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the physical, psychological, and social aspects of chronic pain. By exploring alternative pain management strategies, fostering a strong support network, and gradually reducing medication dependency under the guidance of a healthcare provider, we can take heal chronic pain and find addiction recovery.  Understand – healing from chronic pain is possible, and it begins with a commitment to a holistic approach to well-being.

Chronic Pain and Addiction Recovery with Elizabeth Kipp

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