Clearing Generational Burdens Using Ancestral Clearing

Enjoy this explanation and experience of Ancestral Clearing to help participants in clearing generational burdens. Leah Skurdal, Resilience Guide for , interviews Elizabeth Kipp, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner & Stress Management Specialist. Elizabeth Kipp is a passionate advocate for and practitioner of Ancestral Clearing, a powerful healing modality pioneered by Howard Wills and developed and taught by John Newton.

Key Topics and Bullet Points

Guest Introduction and Offerings

Ancestral Clearing 

  • Elizabeth explains how Ancestral Clearing can help release attachments to burdens and promote resilience.
  • Leah shares her personal experience of feeling stuck and uncovering trauma from her family history.
  • Discussion on the impact of witch burning and how it affects everyone.
  • Leah discusses her past pattern of giving away objects associated with women’s power to protect her children.
  • Importance of speaking one’s truth and being seen and heard.

Fear and the Light Within 

  • Discussion on the fear of fire and the light within, related to power and digestion in Ayurveda
  • Leah mentions her healing process and releasing old anger.
  • Emphasis on embracing one’s power and being able to speak one’s truth.

Forgiveness and Healing 

  • Explanation that forgiving means offering up to the creator that which no longer serves us.
  • Belief in a higher power is not necessary, but asking for help is required.
  • Everyone receives help in this work, including when one person brings something in.
  • The burden we carry includes playing both the victim and the perpetrator. We have all experienced the victim and perpetrator within ourselves and across our ancestors.

Healing the Financial Piece

  • Discussion on clearing generational burdens to release limitations and blocks inherited from ancestors related to finances.
  • Focus on a healing journey for oneself and your family.

Being Seen and Understood

  • Encouragement to embrace oneself and one’s truth regardless of external judgments.

Additional Topics 

  • Discussion on not limiting one’s view of the infinite. 
  • Elizabeth guides listeners through a process of Ancestral Clearing.  




Clearing Generational Burdens with Ancestral Clearing and Elizabeth Kipp

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