When we experience grief, we may be influenced by past grief and so be interested in clearing generational grief.

How does generational grief work?

The grief experience is a personal one. And you can also view the grief experienced from a few different perspectives. You could say that we live in three different worlds: the personal, the world collective, and the Unified Field.

  • We live in the personal – the things that happen to each one of us as individuals.
  • We live in the current global community – the world, and we experience our lives on the level of the collective.
  • We live in the Unified Field of Consciousness, where quantum physicists tell us we are not only all connected, but we are entangled with each other.

So, we are being influenced by all three of these ‘worlds’ at once

And when we work in the present moment, we clear the field all around us in the present moment, the past in the future, all at once and in all three of these worlds I just described. We’re affecting our personal space and the whole world because it’s all one connection.

We are affected at the level of time

Everything comes down through the lineage, and the effects of the experiences we have, comes in as information, both genetically and epigenetically. There is the genetic part, which is like the hardware in your computer. On the epigenetic level, we are affected by the things that happened to us and how the environment shapes us. That is like the software programs on our computers. So, depending on what program, and what experiences people had, just that information gets passed down as information generationally. We also experience ancestral cultural patterns and behaviors.

How grief experiences get passed on generationally

Ancestral Clearing®, a process developed by John Newton, looks at both the past in this lifetime and other lifetimes. Ancestral Clearing® also looks at grief experiences that we were born with that were unresolved from a previous generation. For example, many of us have women in our lineage who were wives whose husbands or sons were sailors, and they sailed off to, you know, wherever they sailed off and never came back. And many of our ancestors watched patiently waiting for them to return. That longing, if it remains unresolved, is passed down to the next generation until it is resolved.

Imagine what happened with husbands and children who went off to war. You may not have ever gotten word about what happened to a loved one that just went away. You never knew what happened.

Ancestral Clearing® for experiences in the womb

What if the woman was pregnant? What do you think the developing baby felt? Everything the mother feels.

One of the things we do in Ancestral Clearing® as part of the work is we clear for anything that happened to us or any of our ancestors while we were in the womb.

Clearing the letdown of loss

Letdown and deep disappointment are experiences that tend to be associated with grief. For example, there’s the letdown around losing a loved one who transitions, and their physical presence felt like a grounding tether in your life. Now you may feel ungrounded and may don’t even know how to behave because you become so unsettled by your loved one’s physical presence. You may not have realized what an anchor they had been for you until they were gone.

It’s not just the grief that we experienced. We also experienced a letdown, which is an associated but different kind of burden that we carry.

Grief is an experience of love

We feel letdown, to begin with, but that feeling is transformational energy. Grief is not an experience of loss as much as it is an experience of love and its transformative power.

When the grief you feel is not all your own

I had a profound experience when a good friend died. I was so confused because of how intensely I felt about this person’s death. I realized that some of what I was feeling was ancestral. I knew what I was experiencing was not all my own. I did Ancestor Clearing® and all the charge around this person’s transition dissolved from deep longing into pure compassion and love.

Remember there were many times in the past when there was not any time for our ancestors to grieve. There may have been a death, but we were so pressed for time and survival we could not stop to grieve. There was not any time to grieve. There may have barely been time to bury someone. These kinds of burdens get passed because, at the time they happened, there was no time to properly process the effects they had on our ancestors. That is a lot of tension and letdown and angst in the lineage that gets gonna get passed down to us. The Ancestral Clearing® process helps us release the old energetic imprints from the past.

For a more in-depth discussion of clearing generational grief, please check out Episode #2222 “Clearing Ancestral Grief for Coping with Your Grief” as Elizabeth speaks with Donnalynn Riley on her podcast “Finding Your Spark Again After a Loss.”





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