The Benefits of Ancestral Clearing®

The benefits of Ancestral Clearing® are far ranging and profound. They can be life changing. Have you been searching your whole life for a sense of full connection and expression of who you are? Do you yearn to speak and act from the core of who you are? Have you been looking to fill the desire to connect to others and the world around you in more meaningful ways? Does it feel to you as if you are swimming upstream, no matter which direction you take? Are you longing to find the innate healing potential that lives within you?

These are some of the questions that get answered through the process of Ancestral Clearing®. Let me explain.

The connection between epigenetics and Ancestral Clearing®

The scientific world has recently discovered that these questions eluding you may not directly be your fault. The study of epigenetics has revealed that we come into this world preloaded with the imprints of our forbearers—stored on the outside of our DNA in amino acid chains termed ‘epigenomes’. These are markers that can have a profound effect on many areas of our lives including our behaviors, underlying beliefs, our response to stress and our resiliency and ability to heal.

Using the process of Ancestral Clearing®, pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed by John Newton of Health Beyond Belief, LLC, we can influence and even change these preprogrammed tendencies and rewrite what is possible for us in this life, leading to increased wellbeing, our health in general and be able to step more fully into our true potential, gaining a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

The origins of inner turmoil and stress

Our sense of discomfort within ourselves arises from the unresolved burden that we carry – from our past in this life and from that of our parents, grandparents and our other ancestors. One can try to move through life, regardless of that uncomfortable feeling inside, but this is an exercise in futility.

The process of Ancestral Clearing®

Ancestral Clearing® uses our access to our Higher Power and removes the adverse imprints weighing us down.

When we look inside of ourselves and put our attention on what doesn’t feel good, we have access to what is affecting us directly. We go beyond the story of what a negative belief is, and our judgment around a physical, emotional, or spiritual pain.

In the ancestral clearing process, we attend to what we are physically feeling, the sensation that arises when we think about a limitation, such as a negative belief or a pain. Once we begin to feel the sensation, we can access that which is writing the narrative because we are now having a direct experience, rather than engaging in an intellectual exercise. We go beyond the story of our limitation and access the deepest part of our being—that part of us connected to our Higher Power—and begin removing the real root of the limiting issue wherein we effect lasting, true change.

The benefits of Ancestral Clearing®

Here are some of the benefits of the Ancestral Clearing® process:

  • Feel comfortable in your body
  • Eliminate self-sabotage
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Enjoy success and financial freedom that may have eluded you
  • Effortlessly trust your inner guidance
  • Wholeheartedly believe in yourself
  • Heal your past and your lineage
  • Live up to your true potential
  • Express your inner voice
  • Experience the essence of who you are

A session of ancestral clearing lasts 50 minutes and requires no preparation whatsoever. Please click here to make an appointment.

The Benefits of Ancestral Clearing


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