Join Elizabeth Kipp and Krista Gray-Kirschman as they discuss holistic addiction recovery in Episode #10, “Holistic Addiction Recovery & Stress Management with Elizabeth Kipp,” of the Celestial Success Podcast.

They discuss the intersection of spirituality and science in addiction recovery and healing chronic pain. Elizabeth and Krista share their personal experiences with proper hydration and nutrition for stress and pain management.  Elizabeth elaborates on her experiences with chronic pain and alternative approaches to healing, emphasizing the importance of addressing the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of chronic pain.

Krista and Elizabeth also explore the role of genetics in addiction and the effectiveness of various practices, such as 12-step work, ancestral healing, and breathwork, in promoting healing and rewiring the brain. The conversation highlighted the importance of addressing underlying issues in recovery and offered practical solutions for overcoming sugar addiction and promoting trauma recovery.


Healing the Effects of Ancestral vs Historical Trauma

Elizabeth discusses the intergenerational transmission of trauma, contrasting ancestral and historical trauma. She uses the concept of nested Russian dolls to illustrate the multiple layers of experience and context that shape our understanding of the world. Through Ancestral Clearing, Elizabeth explains that we can release traumatic energy and move toward healing and peace.

Bullet Points:

Ancestral and historical trauma

  • The difference between ancestral trauma and historical trauma.
  • The interconnectedness of individual, family, community, culture, and ancestral experiences.
  • Embracing individuality and recognizing the unconscious biases that shape our perspectives.

Common ancestral traumas and how to release them through breathwork and Ancestral Clearing.

  • Identify the effects of common ancestral traumas: worry, energy, anxiety habits, and fear of not being enough.
  • Using breathwork and Ancestral Clearing to help clients release worry energy and feel empowered.
  • An  Ancestral Clearing prayer

Addiction, ancestral trauma, and recovery – aspects of holistic addiction recovery

  • The connection between trauma, addiction, and ancestral trauma.
  • Ancestral healing in the recovery space, using 12-step work and Ancestral Clearing techniques to help people resolve unresolved issues from their
  •  A personal experience of Ancestral Clearing in a podcast setting.
  • A discussion about whether people are born with addicted personalities or prone to addiction through genetics.

Quitting sugar addiction using breathing and EFT/Tapping techniques

  • A personal experience with sugar addiction after quitting alcohol.
  • The experience with Bilateral EFT/Tapping for sugar addiction
  • Elizabeth relates her own struggle with sugar addiction, mentioning the difficulty of quitting due to its prevalence in daily life.

Holistic recovery from sugar addiction and emotional well-being.

  • The effects of sugar on cognitive function and emotional well-being.
  • Elizabeth explains Bilateral EFT/Tapping as a way to dispel emotional charges in the body using acupressure points.

Yoga as art of holistic addiction recovery

  • Elizabeth shares how yoga aids addiction recovery by helping individuals accept their present moment and clear burdens.
  • Elizabeth shares about her Foundations of Trauma Recovery Course offering that includes yoga practices to rewire the brain.
  • An emphasis on the importance of breathwork in Elizabeth’s work helps clients leverage their breath to shift their state and find balance.
  • Stay in the wonder of life, practice gratitude, and stay in a frequency of empowerment and recovery rather than victimhood and addiction.

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Ancestral Clearing is an energy modality that is complementary to all other healing modalities. It was pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and taught by John Newton.

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