Because the effects of unresolved trauma are transgenerational, it is important that we address clearing the ancestral witch wounds that we may carry.

What Is A Witch, Anyway?

Wise-women and wise-men were healers in Europe and played a crucial role in growing, gathering, and processing herbs to make them into medicine for the village. They formulated poultices, ointments, and other compounds to help cure various illnesses. They also provided spiritual counsel, especially in the context of the rhythms and cycles of nature. Even though healing was their primary focus, these people were accused of practicing witchcraft. Witchcraft means someone practicing neo-pagan or pagan traditions that focus on nature, unity, and oneness. Its views oppose patriarchal beliefs and religions. And though most of those who were labeled and persecuted as witched were women, there were also men who were labeled as such and equally oppressed.

The first significant documented European persecution of witches

when they were caught, tried, convicted, and burned in southwestern Germany was recorded in 1563 in a pamphlet called “True and Horrifying Deeds of 63 Witches”. Witchcraft persecution spread to all areas of Europe and the United States. Witch trials continued through the 1690s, yet the effects of the unresolved trauma from this period emanated into future generations.

Who Carries the Witch Wound?

I was reflecting on the persecution of witches and was considering who among us bears the scar of this ancestral trauma. Indeed, anyone who is of European descent qualifies. Those with roots in America that go back to the late 1600s qualify. You can add anyone whose ancestors carried the trauma of any of the witch trials, including anyone related to them directly or indirectly in any way. This includes anyone related via DNA to those affected. We can also include those connected to anyone who was present or related to anyone at any of the witch trials. That’s a lot of people.

When you consider the devasting effect of intergenerational trauma,

the number grows even bigger. Hurt people hurt other people. And so, the witch wounds passed down to different kinds of disputes, conflicts, feuds, battles, and wars.

Also included in the witch wounding are all the events that led up to the labeling of wise-women and wise-men as witches in the first place.

Finally, anyone who carries the burden of that which led up to, directly or indirectly, a sense of disconnection – from oneself, the family, the community, nature, or Source Itself- can be suffering from the witch wound.

We all carry the stamp of the unresolved witch wounds

Ultimately, from an energetic perspective, since we are connected within the Unified Field of Consciousness, we all carry the stamp of the unresolved witch wounds.

Unresolved trauma passes from one generation to the next until it is healed. The human body stores trauma within it until its energy can be released. We do Ancestral Clearing and other related work to help us release this pent-up energy imprinted from the past.

How Does the Witch Wound Show Up?

The witch wound shows up in many ways in our beliefs and behaviors. It carries the mark of the pain of separation. This mark can show up as issues around abandonment, betrayal, not being able to find one’s purpose in life, not feeling deserving of love from the Divine or from those in our community, mistrust, fear of being left out or behind, and any other aspects that oppose unity consciousness.

And, it carries the energy of lack – lack of safety, connection, self-control, understanding of the truth of spiritual principles, lack of compassion, and more.

Here are some examples of the way the witch wound can show up:

  • Being labeled as “other.”
  • Being shunned, outcast, or removed from your family, community, or culture
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in
  • Any belief or behavior reflecting scarcity
  • Disconnection from your family roots and/or cultural heritage
  • Feeling disembodied from yourself
  • Experiencing disconnection from Nature or The Creator
  • Not feeling deserving of love or the love of The Creator
  • Oppression of your personal beliefs and the freedom of those beliefs
  • Fear of sharing your beliefs with others
  • Repression or suppression of your emotions
  • A deep fear of being seen, heard, or recognized
  • Fear or repression of your intuitive power
  • Hypervigilant fear for your safety
  • Deep and seemingly irrational fear of fire
  • Deep and seemingly irrational fear of being trapped
  • Believing you are separate from others
  • People pleasing as a source of safety, even when it goes against your beliefs
  • Not being able to stand in your power
  • And many more aspects of these

Healing the Witch Wounds

Healing the Witch Wound is complex when considering the issues that arose from the witch hunts and trials. When you take into account the imprinted generational trauma that led up to the rise of the campaigns against “witches,” you can see that it becomes even more complex.

The wounds can be tracked on a spectrum. For example, the trauma of persecution may show up as people-pleasing; on the opposite end of that spectrum, you might find bullying behavior. Another example could be someone who dreads fire and then someone who is enticed by fire. So, as you read through the Ancestral Clearing Prayer below, keep in mind that it covers the complex spectrum of ways that the Witch Wound may show up in consequent generations.

Ancestral Clearing is a modality that addresses issues in the lineage that may be showing up as energetic frequencies in the present. In this practice, we call on the Creator, the Source of all that is, was, and ever will be, to help us release that which no longer serves us. The word ‘forgive’ is used to offer The Creator the burden we carry and help us release it.

Ancestral Clearing for The Witch Wounds

Creator, All that You are, we ask humbly and gratefully for us and all our relationships and our ancestors and all their relationships throughout all time, space, dimension, and lifetimes –

For anything that led up to or arose from a sense of separation from one another or You, Creator, and for all we made it mean, all the insecurity and sense of estrangement that followed, all the letdown because of it, and anytime anyone felt the effects of these issues in the womb – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Please and thank You.

For any time we had a fear of being hunted and persecuted, especially for being a woman with strong conviction and intrinsic power, for difficulty bonding with others, giving away our power for others, people-pleasing, bullying, self-punishment, or self-sabotage – please help us all to forgive and release each other and ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Please and thank You.

For any time we experienced the stress around keeping secrets or feared secrets, for prejudice and the fear of it, for any time we had difficulty accessing joy, weren’t able to let love in or allow ourselves to open our hearts, we felt disconnected from our true nature, for any time we felt a sense of hopelessness and for any dark night of the soul experiences – please help us all to forgive and release one another and forgive and release ourselves.          Please and thank You.

For those times when we didn’t feel safe to go beyond ‘the rules,’ for invisibility wounds, overachiever energy, the experience of bullying, and any aspect of resentment; for avoidant behavior, feeling like we needed to hide behind a mask and for any martyrdom in the lineage – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Please and thank You.

For any time we believed, felt, or were told we weren’t enough, for the times when we couldn’t find enough resources to go around for everyone, for times when we felt a lack of safety and connection, for lack of confidence, lack of space for our feelings or words to be expressed, couldn’t find the motivation to go on, for any experiences of being shunned, banished, deported, or transported from each other or the homeland, for any time we felt we didn’t deserve the love of the Creator or felt the Creator turned its back on us, and for any time we lacked an understanding or a sense of our true nature – please help us all to forgive and release one another and forgive and release ourselves for all that happened and didn’t happen, for once and for all.                                        Please and thank You.

Please help us reclaim all of who we are, our sense of unity and oneness, and live with our hearts open, tender, and burning in the brilliance of love.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


A life free from the negative imprints from the past

By clearing the ancestral witch wounds, we can then transmute the energy of unresolved trauma to living life free from these negative imprints from the past.

For a private Ancestral Clearing session, BOOK HERE.

Ancestral Clearing is a modality developed and taught by John Newton and pioneered by Howard Wills.

Clearing the Ancestral Witch Wounds

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