These are the confessions of an overachiever. I consider myself an overachiever in recovery. I don’t really compete with other people so much anymore – that’s the part that seems to be in recovery.  But I sure have noticed how I compete with myself – that’s the part that’s not in recovery…that is still running on an endless wheel, like a mouse in a cage. Indeed, living from this place is like living in a cage. I will set the bar of achievement for myself and then have this tendency to not rest until I have tried to jump over that bar, only to set the bar even higher so that ultimately, I never actually reach the goal I originally set for myself. I see this about myself and asked, “Seriously? How’s that working for you, Elizabeth?  Isn’t this ever going to get old? When will you be ready to let this go? What has to happen?” It starts with me just allowing myself to be exactly who I am in the moment, however that is showing up… to give myself the gift of appreciating myself now. It’s a practice, and I have to practice every day to remain vigilant and build a new behavior, this new piece of self-love. Does this resonate with you at all? What will it take for you to jump off the wheel and out of the cage?

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