All of that shaking I felt yesterday finally stopped last night and I landed solidly, fully grounding myself. The shaking and tears erupted all over again this morning in a slightly different but just as powerful a way. Here I am in the thick of it, in the hurricane of my angst over the election results and I managed to find the still place in the deep center. I went to my mat this morning and heard this message in sadhana: “Elizabeth, what is it in you that is holding on so tightly to how you think things should be? Can you learn to accept how things actually are and live, move, and be in the world from this place? Just what is your commitment?” Here is where my work lays.

…My work is to find the balance in the midst of polarizing change. I will shine my light – this is my commitment and stand. I have a wonderful community of friends who help guide, encourage, and inspire me. I also know that I must be the one to fuel this process. Pain has been such a great teacher for me. Pain has taught me and requires me to constantly look within, having a strong relationship with myself and my Higher Power first and foremost. This means digging deep and strongly into practices such as breath work, meditation, diet, yoga and/or qi gong, and all of the others I do to take care of myself. It is here that I gather the stance and posture to own my brilliance, power, and purpose, and radiate those out to the world. It’s either awareness or slipping into that frequency of addiction – numbing, distracting, avoiding, stuffing, denying, or otherwise looking away from myself – to navigate through. The rule of the day, of the moment, is to stay present and engaged.

#GetYourSparkOn #Commitment #FeelTheRapture #WaheGuru #ElizabethsBlog #kippinitreal with gratitude to Joyce White Nelson for the image of Keshena, WI

Finding the balance…

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