Forgive from Your Core – Ancestral Clearing & Its Gift of Freedom

Experience how to forgive from your core with Ancestral Clearing and know its gift of freedom.

What would it be like to have your Divine purpose just drop down right in front of you? And be able to live it every day? What would it be like to suck the marrow out of life…and on a regular basis? How would it feel to live full out to your full potential and feel the fire of life inside you set on max? What would it be like to release the burden that you carry? And what would it be like for you to listen with your heart wide open? These are questions that I wondered about and fantasized about for decades. And I found their answers nestled in the work of Ancestral Clearing. This modality was so powerful and made such a profound shift in me that I became an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner through my teacher, John Newton.

And how were these words so powerful? Let me give you a specific example of some of the magic packed within this Ancestral Clearing and forgiveness work:

The word “forgive’ comes from the words ‘to forgo or forget’. I might be able to intellectually forgive someone, but if I do not remove the emotional charge around this event that I’m forgiving around, I have not fully forgiven. I’m not saying I’m condoning what I am forgiving. I’m saying fully forgiving. I might say, “I forgive my mother, but I’ll never forget what she did to me.” By not forgetting, I am always going to protect myself from being hurt like this again; hence I am unwilling to let this incident go altogether. This is not true and full forgiveness.

So, if I’m having a hard time truly forgiving my mother, what do I do? Where do I turn? I turn to a power greater than myself to help me take this difficult step because I don’t want this event to stay stuck within me and clearly, I have not found a way to let it go by myself. And my being stuck here is not good for my mother either. I ask, “Creator, all that you are, help me forgive my mother, no matter what. Help her to forgive me, and help us to forgive ourselves, completely and totally. Please and thank you.” Yeah, I still tear up when I say this. And with those tears, I get a release in my body. The emotional charge that is built up inside of my body, literally in my tissues, dissipates. By asking for help, my Higher Power, The Creator, grants me transcendence through this block of resentment towards my mother. I am graced with such a liberating release through asking for help from a Source greater than myself with humility and gratitude. True forgiveness lies in being able to release what is inside my physiology around this event with my mother. Otherwise I am not addressing the core of the problem and it will re-emerge.

And so it is for us all. We take responsibility for our part in a situation. This is healing. We use forgiveness in prayer as a vehicle through which we release this emotional energy. Its connection to the Creator leads us to our own liberation through the humble and grateful act of forgiveness itself. In the subsequent healing that occurred as a result of working with this forgiveness prayer, my wellness showed up. I felt my physical pain recede into swirls of energy that then flowed through and ultimately out of my body. I felt the pressured tension of pent up emotional pain release in a cascade of tears and a profound inner release. And I have witnessed this same wellness showing up in others around me as I do this work with people every day.

I feel the solid fire of life within me, like I have a live wire lit inside of me; and instead of working so hard to protect myself, I now confidently walk forward with my heart open ~ liberated through forgiveness.

Ultimately, forgiveness is a quiet, private journey one takes…deep down, where we feel our wounds the most, and into that place where we feel the loving energy of the Infinite. It’s not on the outside, not a spiritual bypass, spoken with the pretense of proving we’re bigger or more evolved, or more kind or loving. It is a personal walk to the core of our being where we forgive the source of the hurts we feel and grow the courage in our hearts to let them go and live free from their burden.

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