I had a friend in search of a Higher Power.
When I get feeling like I am good, I tend to fear it and do what I used to do to cope.
Oh…learning to trust yourself. I get it.
Have you considered giving all of that up to your Higher Power, or a power greater than you?
Now.. I really don’t. I use to when I was a kid but now it’s much harder for me to believe it.
Ahhh…well I will give you one of my favorite examples:
Would you agree or disagree that gravity is a power bigger and greater than you?
Agree. Can’t control it unless in a vacuum. Lol.
Okay. Now. Would you agree or disagree that gravity acts on us whether we believe in it or not?
Okay. And would you agree that gravity holds us, whether we know about it or acknowledge it’s existence?
Keeps us from floating. Yes.
Okay. This is exactly the description of my experience with Higher Power, though gravity is a subset of Higher Power. Does that make sense at all?
Yes. I like that.
All spirituality in my world has a practical side…Now, as you give yourself, surrender to (as if you had a choice in the matter) gravity, can you also imagine yourself surrendering to a power even greater than gravity? One that holds gravity, along with so much else?
So…back to the original premise:
Can you turn over/surrender your fear of goodness coming into your life for real…can you turn that fear over to that Power?
Will have to think about it.
Okay…wait…I encourage you now to drop out of the mind and into the breath. Ride on the breath. Let the mind go as you put your attention on the breath and the sensations in your body.
Thanks. I will try.
Do not overthink. Experience instead. Remember: religion is conceptual, of the mind, whereas spirituality is experiential.
Like that.
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