Kudos galore, love and gratitude to Bryan Reeves​ for his inspiration:

“Today is Thanksgiving in North America.

It’s one of the few days every year that the work-obsessed multitudes of the USA sit down at the same dinner table with extended families and friends. We will feast our faces full of steaming slices of carved turkey slathered in rich, thick gravy with sides of tart cranberry sauce and mash potato mounds topped by tiny lakes of melting butter and all kinds of other yummy goods.

It’s also a day when we allow ourselves a moment before we eat to go around the table and mumble a few words about what we’re grateful for.

This year, rather than rush through that like you’re quickly swallowing an awful bite of Aunt Sally’s annual mystery casserole, why not take a moment to really exercise that gratitude muscle with an empowering question?


In that spirit – even if you’re not in the USA – I’ve prepared a few starter-questions to help bring the magic of gratitude to your food-ritual today.

I know your people might roll their eyes and hate you momentarily for this, such is the cynical world many of us live in. But now isn’t the time to let their laziness and self-loathing stop your awesomeness!!! 😉

Choose one (or two) questions, read it aloud, and invite everyone to reflect on and share their own experience:

  • What was the most extraordinary thing you did this year – that you never thought you could do?
  • What is the toughest thing you’re facing these days – that could turn into one of your proudest accomplishments?
  • What difficult thing happened this year (or is happening) that taught (is teaching) you something truly profound about yourself/life/love?
  • What is the least obvious thing you’re grateful for that would surprise everyone?
  • What is the best gift you’ve given this year to yourself / another / the world?
  • What is one way you could be more gentle and kind to yourself starting today?
  • What are you grateful for that you never imagined you would be grateful for?

And so on … Just asking an empowering question creates an empowering experience.

Who knows? You might inspire real, massive change in someone’s world today, including your own.

Happy Thanksgiving!” – Bryan Reeves

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Happy Thanksgiving

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