Here is my blog on the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge.

“What is your greatest blessing?” my teacher asked.

“This moment.” I answered.

“What is your greatest challenge?”

“Accepting and relaxing into the moment.”

I surprised myself when I said this.

It was a spontaneous response… and it rang so true, though I didn’t know it at the time.

This is a dilemma I face as a person recovering from trauma and chronic pain…

I’m learning to trust the Universe.


I am making progress in breaking up the regularity and strength of this pattern.

Boy, do I have a part of me that is completely resistant to this idea of trusting what is here.

So much so, that I as I do the work to heal, I notice more and more often how much tension I hold just as a habit

… tension that is not required to handle whatever I am doing

… just tension.

It’s as if I am trying to somehow push the moment,

control the outcome.

Well, there’s the master addiction, right?


Or buying into the illusion that I have control.

That’s what we do as people experiencing pain chronically –

we try and change the moment into something more comfortable.

We try and escape the moment.

I hear this so often from people who live with chronic pain or are in recovery from it.

For me, I have an old belief that still lives strongly enough in me to color the moment.

It tells me that I’m not safe, that I should contract, or hide altogether.

It tells me whatever I am doing is not enough.

This resistance –

it is an old pattern running under a story,

a belief that what is showing up in the moment isn’t enough.

Well who am I to tell the Universe how to show up?

Maybe It’s trying to get my attention.

Maybe there is a lesson to learn here.

Maybe this moment will continue so long as I try and dodge the lesson sitting right here.

I’m not saying don’t take a stand for or against an issue or to become a doormat.

I’m saying accept as reality what is happening without a denial or a dodge.

… and move from there.

Unleash your healing power… let go.

Trust the moment.

Accept what is showing up.

#UnleashYourHealingPower #LetGo

Greatest Blessing and challenge

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