Heal Ancestral Influences on Chronic Pain

You can heal unhealthy ancestral influences on chronic pain in your life. Some chronic pain has its root in our familial past. Ancestral healing is a way to address this aspect of chronic pain. Epigenetics recognizes the role of past experiences in our lives. We can use the knowledge of epigenetics to help release old behaviors that no longer serve us.

Genetics vs. Epigenetics

Our genes carry information about our past lineage beyond our eye, skin, and hair color. Epigenetics looks at the changes that arise from the modification of gene expression. Genetics looks at changes caused by altering the genetic code itself. Epigenetics focuses on how environmental influences impact our behavior and potential.

Ancestry and Epigenetics

Many studies have shown a causal correlation between emotional states and chronic pain. We hold the memories of our experiences. These include incidents we may have denied because they were too painful—or we didn’t know how to deal with them. These memories get stored in the body until we heal the wound from the originating event.

We also carry imprints from our parents and grandparents back through our ancestral lineage. Traits that helped our ancestors survive get passed on to the next generation. These traits can include the effects of unresolved trauma.

Is there an ancestral healing modality that influences inherited unhealthy traits? Can we break a ‘generational curse?’ Can we heal the ancestral influences on chronic pain?

The Basis of Ancestral Clearing©

Ancestral Clearing® is a powerful healing modality. It leverages our ability to be in the present moment. But what in the world is Ancestral Clearing® anyway?

Put simply, Ancestral Clearing® is a method of releasing the limitations from the past.

Our ancestors were so busy surviving and getting through life. They rarely had an opportunity to clear the effects of trauma in their lives. They carried this stress in their nervous system. As they reproduced, they passed it to the next generation, the next, and so on, down to us. Such stress can contribute to chronic pain.

How to Heal Ancestral Influences on Chronic Pain with Ancestral Clearing©

Allostatic load is a measure of the stress that a human carries. Someone’s allostatic load is the cost of that stress to their nervous system. It means that chronic pain sufferers carry a lot, and the load contributes to our pain level. How we meet stress in life is also part of the load.

We don’t realize how much chronic stress weighs on us. We can get used to carrying it. We are not even aware of the burden we carry from our ancestors since we have held it since birth.

Moving towards sensation rather than thoughts

Those suffering from chronic pain tend to move away from uncomfortable feelings. We may focus on our thoughts, believing they are a safe place for us. Given that our innate tendency is to move away from pain and toward pleasure, it is not surprising. We also tend to live our experiences in our thoughts, not our bodies. We make meaning of them rather than experiencing them as sensations. We will do anything not to feel the fullness of the moment. Yet the now is where the miracle of healing lies. Ancestral Clearing® accesses the power of the present moment.

We are under its power when we stay in the mind, rehashing an old story or projecting how it might unfold. The mind will feed our story, and then the story will grow. The mind has become the master, and we give our power to it and become its servant. By dropping out of the mind its stories, we reclaim our power. To do this, we must focus on the body, where our experience originates.

We find a new dynamic when we move our attention away from the mind and into the tissues. When we experience our life where it centers in our body’s tissues, we dissipate the tension we hold there. Releasing tension reduces our allostatic load.

An example of holding stress from the past

We can hold stress from our current or past experiences, including our lineage. Let me give you an example. My father and mother experienced trauma during World War II, but they had no way of releasing stress. They stored the stress from the experiences and added to their allostatic load. They pushed through the pressure to survive. After the war, they met, married, and had my brother and me. They passed the tension from their experiences of the war on to us. My brother and I did not have an explicit memory of these events, but we felt them as tension in our nervous system. I was born holding this energy. It became a factor in the chronic pain I suffered. I carried this toxic energy until I experienced Ancestral Clearing®. Through this modality, I could release the old energy from my nervous system. And so, I healed these ancestral influences on my chronic pain.

Click here for more information on the Ancestral Clearing® process.

Heal Ancestral Influences on Chronic Pain

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