HEAL conversations to guide you towards personal growth and overall well-being Podcast with Elizabeth and Brittany Phillips. Elizabeth Phillips sat down with Elizabeth Kipp for HEAL Season 2 Episode 38.

Each week the Phillips sisters welcome a guest who shares their personal story of growth and healing in the HEAL Podcast. They address topics such as “Honoring Your Past,” “Healing with Humor,” “Educating Yourself in Alternate Ways to Heal,” Energy Medicine, and more. These interviews are indeed conversations to guide you toward personal growth and overall well-being.

In Season 2, Episode 38, Elizabeth Kipp shares her story of healing from chronic pain. Here are some of the points covered in this podcast.

  • Unresolved trauma is at the root of chronic pain.
  • What happens to the body also happens to the mind and spirit. You cannot separate body, mind, and spirit.
  • Western medicine works within the scientific framework, which is limited by definition. However, we heal in the All That Is, not just what we can observe, measure and describe within science.
  • When sitting in front of a healer, ask yourself what lens they are looking through so that you understand their perspective. What is the model the healer is working with, and what are its assumptions and limitations?
  • What is chronic pain?
  • The enigma of chronic pain
  • The path Elizabeth took that helped her heal.
  • Why Elizabeth decided to start a business centered around helping others struggling with chronic pain.
  • The value of Ancestral Clearing as a powerful healing modality
  • A short experience of Ancestral Clearing

Heal chronic pain

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