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Heal your life change your stars

I felt the energy shadow coming in as I was born. It was so dense, I almost didn’t survive the entry. We have seen its metaphors in The Eye of Sauron… Darth Vader… the Wicked Witch of the West… our culture is rife with such figures.

For the longest time, I was lost in the shadow, as were so many around me during my life. The thing was – I could see it all around me, feel it seeped inside my body, but I had clue how to extricate myself from it. I looked everywhere for the exit. I studied history. I read futuristic accounts. I looked to see what was happening in the world. Yet the more I tried to escape the shadow, the more closely it cloaked itself around me.

Finally, I could take no more. My eyes closed, so tired had they become from looking yet seeing no solution in sight. My ears closed, so tired had they become from hearing the many songs of despair. My heart closed down, so tired it had become from feeling the squeeze of so much love lost in the world.

I closed down and went into myself

… and therein lay the golden key.

I turned inwards and opened my inner eyes and inner ears.

I allowed my heart to open to myself.

All that hope, joy, and bliss I had been searching for outside sprang forth within me like a vast fountain of youth flowing forth.

I let go of the stories from our past, my past.

I let go of that cultural sense of scarcity, of needed to constantly compete just to survive, of the not enough-ness.

I stopped taking actions to add to such karma, these old memories playing themselves out in the world in countless ways.

I stopped acting from a place of “I’ll be happy when” … living as if everything I did was an attempt to take another step towards a goal I had set for tomorrow and left me starved and so very alone.

I took responsibility for my life and what was happening.

All along, I had missed being here, in the now. I had missed the precious gifts of presence. (The word ‘present’ in Hebrew means ‘gift’.)

I discovered that the present is the space of healing, the place of light, the place of spontaneous evolution. It was here that I saw and felt the shadow disappear and dissolve into the light.

It was here that I glimpsed power – Higher Power – energy, like a perpetual energy generator.

It was here I saw that, no matter what havoc the shadow had wreaked upon the outer world, my choice to be compassionate with myself was paramount.

It was here that I witnessed and tapped into Infinite creativity.

My heart filled to overflowing.

I changed my stars, no longer bound to repeat the same stories, the same shadowy karma over and over again, like I had before.

It was here that I healed.

But this is not just about me. It’s about you and me and all of us. It’s about the human condition. It’s about a frequency that all of us get caught in.

So, when you see so much chaos, so much madness, so much discord in the world, which way will you turn?

Where will you focus your attention?

Can you pause just for a sacred moment and turn your gaze within?

Can you clear out the old stories you cling to, the ones you held onto for so long that you forgot which muscles were even doing the holding?

Do you see that you can choose to carry the darkness?

And that you can choose to release the dark burden and move into the light of Now?

Let go. Forgive. Resolve and move forward into the present.

You will find a measure of peace that you could only dream of before.

It is waiting for you.

Unleash your healing power.

Change your stars.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I can’t begin to tell how much I resonate with your story, as I have felt the shadow all my life. It sounds so simple to release it to the dark, but it hasn’t been that simple for me. I mean I try and I do release it. I guess there is just so much dark to be released. I have come a long way though and there is a lot more light in my life then when I first started this journey. I give thanks and gratitude to people like you and articles like yours that help me bring more light into my life. Namaste

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