Elizabeth Kipp and Dr. Dolores Fazzino discuss healing chronic pain holistically in the episode HIWYNTP with Elizabeth Kipp on the Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible Podcast.

They covered these topics:

The effects of chronic conditions on the body and mind 

Chronic conditions cause the body to restructure itself. Constantly thinking about the condition creates more neuropathways to it.

Warning against masking the issue with medication

High doses of fentanyl and Ativan can cause breathing problems leading to death.  Elizabeth underwent a chemical detox program in the hospital for ten days to clear prescribed opiates and benzodiazepines from her system. She experienced hyperalgesia. In 2013, Elizabeth healed from chronic pain in a pain management program led by Dr. Peter Przekop.

Personal background and childhood experiences

Elizabeth shared about her mother’s untreated bipolar disorder and substance use to manage her pain.  Elizabeth broke their fifth lumbar at 14 and underwent four surgeries to stabilize her spine.  The doctors only provided opioid pain medication and benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medication.  The doctors told Elizabeth that she would be in level seven out of ten pain for the rest of their life and in a wheelchair by age 40. They made an error by saying that.

Elizabeth s work and approach to chronic pain

 There are ways to help people dealing with chronic stress find relief and balance in their lives. Elizabeth works with chronic pain sufferers, including those in addiction recovery who are trying to avoid medication.  Ancestral Clearing is also a focus of her work, helping people release burdens from their lineage that can contribute to chronic pain.  

Approaches to healing and recovery

 Listen and follow orders that make sense and then let the body heal on its own.  Quick fixes may not address the underlying issues causing the problem. Meditation is one of the most profound practices for calming the mind and reducing negativity. Patience, courage, and kindness are necessary to allow the body to heal.


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Ancestral Clearing was developed and is taught by John Newton and was pioneered by Howard Wills.

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