Healing the Divine Feminine with Ancestral Clearing

Elizabeth Kipp and Atma Hari Kaur discuss healing the divine feminine in “Heal the Feminine with Ancestral Clearing.”

Healing  the divine feminine energy today

They emphasize the importance of healing feminine energy in today’s society. They acknowledge the current focus on the rebirth of the divine feminine and describe this time as a healing crisis. Atma Hari Kaur shares her primary focus on Womb Awakening and clearing wounds of patriarchy.

Ancestral Healing

During the conversation, Elizabeth talks about her experience with ancestral healing and clearing her own divine feminine wounds. She poses a hypothetical scenario where a client contacts her, awakening to their divine feminine energy but unsure about their oppressive ancestral history, and asks how she would help them.

The Mary Magdalene Wounds

Elizabeth delves into the concept of the Mary Magdalene wounds, which are wounds of patriarchy on women. She summarizes these wounds as the bitch wound, witch wound, and whore wound, which represent the oppression of fierce femininity, persecution of women healers, and shaming of women’s sexuality, respectively.

The spiritual nature of women

The discussion touches on various topics such as women’s bodies, the spiritual nature of women, and the denial of women as spiritual guides. Elizabeth also mentions her admiration for prayers and seeks further explanation on how prayers can work on clearing the Mary Magdalene wounds.

Ancestral Clearing can help empower women

The episode concludes with Elizabeth discussing her work as an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, using Ancestral Clearing as part of her approach to healing. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the wounds of the divine feminine, especially in a world filled with illness, addiction, fear, and separation. Overall, this discussion provides valuable insights into the healing of the feminine energy and the impact of ancestral clearing on empowering women in our society.

Timestamped Overview

[00:01:53] Chronic pain healing with divine feminine emphasis

[00:04:11] Rebirthing divine feminine energy, healing crisis, ancestral wounds.

[00:10:26] Ancestral clearing practitioner experiences powerful unmeasurable healing.

[00:12:37] I’m a focuser, asking questions for healing. Somatic experience, lineage information, client techniques.

[00:18:04] Healing happens in the present moment with access to past, present, and future. Science can measure up to 14 generations.

[00:23:41] Mary Magdalene wounds and the patriarchy explained.

[00:30:02] Prayer for forgiveness, healing, and empowerment.

[00:35:00] Women’s bodies, spiritual guidance, and sacred prostitutes.

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Ancestral Clearing was developed and is taught be John Newton and was pioneered by Howard Wills.

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