Those of you who know me know how fascinated I am with science. I always have been. I just want to make a clarification here. Science is self-limiting. It operates in a self-defined framework. The Universe is limitless. Science tries to make sense of the Universe from its qualified, quantified, and limited perspective. It shows us some amazing things. I love that. However, I am even more in awe of the Universe itself, which is limitless. Science operates in a subset of the Universe. We, as human organisms, live in all the Universe. In this way we are limitless beings.

Remember what Hamlet said: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. Hamlet was onto something there.

Science has made extraordinary discoveries and helped make life easy to live in ways our ancestors couldn’t envision.

Science isn’t the only game in town. No matter what “they” tell you.

I like to keep my options open. Scientific discoveries are made from this place.

I healed from this place – when almost all the doctors, and there were a lot of them, said I would always be in pain and always need pain medication.

So when someone says, “You can’t do _____”, you do not have to buy into that belief. When you do, you are tapping into the part of you that is self-limiting.

Which part would you rather live from? The self-limiting part, or the limitless part?

Unleash your healing power. Believe you can heal. Realize and actualize your limitless Self.

Healing Lives Beyond Science


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