I’m sitting poised at the edge –

that place where I decide to shrink or grow –

to look away or look deeply into…

I’ve come to that place

that I have deemed too much.

It’s too far

I’ve gone too far

I cannot manipulate the situation

any more or in any way,

make it better

or even just different.

This is the moment.

I can no longer turn away.

I am up against the truth of now,

the most precious moment of all

I am backed up against it,

enveloped in it –

I cannot move forward

or even backward.

This is that sweetest of all moments –

the moment of surrender

to what is.

I am here right now.

I surrender even

and especially to judgment.

I simply am

in this moment –

no more no less.

I finally found the moment of truth.

And here is a surprise –

I did not fall apart

into a million pieces,

or become too much;

I did not die,

except to myself.

I am born once more.

As I exist in the moment

in the sweet acceptance

of what is –

I am free.




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Inside the Moment of Truth

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