Here is my blog on leaning times and spiritual activism.
We, all of us, are on a spiritual journey. We walk it the best we can. Sometimes I stride sure footed and flow along this path with ease. Sometimes I trip and fall…getting up with effort and struggle. But I get up. My experience reveals that part of finding and riding that sweet spot Flow Zone along this path is in surrendering both to its nature and to my nature, and how I am navigating it. Lately I feel I and all of us have been given an urgent and fervent call to an even greater spiritual activism. The future is not set. I am here now. We are here now. Where will I point my focus, my trajectory as I face into this moment? How will I be with myself? How will I face myself and all that is Elizabeth…and then how will I turn and face the world? I choose to lean in. I choose to accept whatever my best effort brings, whether that means stepping with ease and grace into the unwritten path of the future, or it means I stumble and fall, only to dust myself off and begin stepping anew. It is a path of exploration – the unknown, unexpected, uncharted twists, tangles, ups, and downs of this ever unfolding path. Today I gather my wits and dig deep into the courage in my heart to lean in to what is right in front of me, to what is showing up, knowing that where I point my focus will be my compass. I choose to point my focus at meeting myself and the world with gentle kindness, fierce love, and strong commitment. There are no guarantees…but by showing up and leaning in, we can lean in together, toward one another. What shows up “out there” is a reflection of what is “in here”. I submit to you and myself that the current wrenching polarities that we are witnessing and experiencing are a picture, an illuminating revelation of our spiritual journey. Splintered, fragmented, a crazy kaleidoscope. Realities of both outside and in. As we lean in, and lean toward each other, hearts open and willing to meet the moment with love and commitment, leaning in together, we will heal and become whole again.
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