Here is a meditation on our ancestors.

Our ancestors hail back from so many eons ago and touch back to so many different sources, from the center of the sun, to the atoms that we are made of, to our DNA and our human lineage. Countless generations before us thrived, persevered, and survived all number of cataclysms and events of epic proportion – famine, drought, disease, flood, fire, earthquakes, war, trial and error over and over again – and they did this hundreds of millions of times before you and I arrived on the scene.

No matter where we are from or who our parents were, we are descended from survivors, those who made it, one way or another, to pass on the message of life down through the generations. Each of us is the result of so much and from so many. Our ancestors live within us, in our heartbeat, in the very marrow of our bones, in each and every cell of our body. They mold us to a great extent into who we are.  We give thanks to them and ask them to help us listen deeply so that we can hear any messages that they are trying to get through to us.

Meditation ancestors
Spiral Profile series. Arrangement of human profiles and fractal elements on the subject of math, science and reason.

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