On the Nature of Sat Nam (True Identity) and Faith…

We began in the center of the stars themselves, the result of an electro-magnetic-chemical reaction. We, each of us, is made up of atoms that arose within this giant nuclear reactor. It took millions of years for those atoms to reach the surface of the star and then more time yet to travel through the vastness of space and rest on Earth. Over more eons those atoms were ingested, excreted, and recirculated amongst so many life systems – that great interlocking web of life to which each of us is inextricably bound.

There is an ever-so-long and continuous filament that reaches from us here today clear back more than three billion years to when the spark of life first arose on Earth. Our heartbeat alone can be traced back to the time of our ancestors’ ancestors – about one billion years ago – to the common genetic information we humans share with the sea anemone. Who knows what else we share and with whom? Countless generations before us thrived, persevered, and survived all number of cataclysms and events of epic proportion – famine, drought, disease, flood, fire, earthquakes, war, trial and error over and over again – and they did this hundreds of millions of times before you and I arrived on the scene.

No matter where we are from or who our parents were, we are descended from survivors, those who made it, one way or another, to pass on the message of life down through the generations. Each of us is the result of so much and from so many. Our ancestors live within us, in our heartbeat, in the very marrow of our bones, in each and every cell of our body. They mold us to a great extent into who we are.  We give thanks to them and ask them to help us listen deeply so that we can hear any more messages that they are trying to get through to us.


Earth spins at 1000mph and orbits the sun at 66,000mph. Within our neighborhood of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, our sun, and Earth along with it, move at 43,000mph.The Milky Way Galaxy itself orbits at 483,000mph.

Let’s pause for a moment and look at the spin of electrons. The electrons, neutrons, and protons are at the core of every element. Each element has its own specific number of protons and electrons. So what? Well here’s the thing. The electrons spin in an orbital dance within each element, and the dance is different for every element, but every element exists as a dance of energy. Every element came from the result of an electromagnetic-chemical reaction is a sun. Every element is in motion around its nucleus.

Fast forward to the human body. The average 150 lb. human adult contains about 7 x 10 to the 27th power of atoms and at least traces of 60 different chemical elements. You are an intricate arranged collection of 3 billion billion billion atoms. What a dance of energy is at play inside of each one of us – of you!

The next time you sit down after a long day, in that still quiet place of being, remember – stillness is really a relative state… We are all moving together, at quite a rapid clip. Even if you wanted with everything in your being to spin out of all of this and go ‘do your own thing’…it’s just not going to happen. We truly are held together in a great energetic Wheel of Life, the Universe is a massive moving fabric and we, are inextricably entwined in Its ever-dynamic great expanse.

You are the one. You are here now. In this moment. No bundle or mixture like you has ever been made before and never will again. Look at all that had to happen in order for you to even be here. You are living your Sat Nam! in this moment, right now. When we say “Saaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaam”, we are bringing our voice, enjoining it with the vibrations of the energy dance within us. We are consciously truly vibrating the Cosmos. We are living deeply in the wonder of the Universe.

And what of faith….

In my humble opinion, faith is a purely mental construct. It is not of the heart. The heart understands the dance of energy. It lives eternally aware of its true identity. Its very beat vibrates the Cosmos. It is in a constant state of its own Sat Nam. The soul knows all about this ancient dance, has always known it, and will always know it.

We are held inextricably in this amazing, limitless Wheel of Life, which turns endlessly both in the vastness of outer space and in the vastness of that infinite space with our very being. We are held here, and firmly, whether we believe it or not. It’s like gravity: gravity holds us; it does not require that we believe it to act on us. So it is with our place in the great Wheel of Life.

We have walked our path so far and gotten to this point. We are in a field of motion, this great dance of energy, which has its own momentum and trajectory. No, we do not know how the next moment will unfold. Each moment of this amazing dance of energy is a new iteration, is birthed anew. There is a measure of uncertainty that lives in the coming moment. We are not there yet. With everything that came before, are we truly going to question the future?

You are alive – here. Now. Rejoice in all that you are! This is your Sat Nam!

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We are the Dance of Energy.

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