Politics Is Part of Any Spiritual Practice

Politics is part of any spiritual practice. A spiritual practice, I believe, is a way of being that is practiced again and again. It is practiced so much, in fact, that it is a way of life. It is the foundational woven net that guides me through my day and my life. If I cannot take my yoga practice off the mat, for instance, what good is it to me beyond a physical workout? Yoga is so much more than a physical workout; it is a way of life. So it is with any spiritual practice. At the risk of alienating any of you, I stand here and declare that how we live our politics is also intrinsically part of any spiritual practice. (and please note: I stated it is “a practice” – it is not “a perfect”.) To remain quiet out of respect, where one may learn something, is one thing; to remain quiet out of fear is another thing altogether. It took me enough years to believe in myself enough to find my voice in the first place. I will not disrespect myself, all of those who helped teach me the important lesson, nor all of the people whose voices cannot be heard, by staying silent now.

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