Power of Forgiveness – Be Careful What You Say to Yourself

There is much discussion about boundaries these days –

guidance around protecting our space from others. What about the boundaries within ourselves?

Are you tired of the incessant yammerings of your inner critic?

You may have  judged yourself for how you reacted – or didn’t – to a situation that keeps dogging you in your thoughts?

Are you ready to lay down your inner bully? Throw up a boundary between it and you? Maybe re-script that inner character altogether? Use forgiveness to find contentment. It is a powerful tool.

We may not be overly concerned about what others say about us, but let’s be exquisitely careful about what we are saying to ourselves and how we are saying it.


Reset your course.

Open your heart – to yourself.

Deepen your compassion – for yourself.

Take a breath.

Steady yourself.

Come to the peace table with yourself.

Enter into sincere negotiations – for once and for all.

Draw up terms and honor them as a sacred vow.

Use the power of forgiveness.

Forgive yourself – for whatever happened.

All of it.

Whatever it was, whatever went down – you did the best you could at the time.

It’s done.


Be at peace with that.

With yourself.


#UnleashYourHealingPower #Forgiveness

Power of Forgiveness Be Careful What You Say to Yourself

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