Report From The Back 40: Bald Eagle Medicine

Here is the report from The Back 40 – bald eagle medicine.

We had quite a chilly day today. I rose well before dawn and felt the cold almost bite into me as I walked outside. It was overcast then, but the air was so crisp, I remember remarking on its quality. I was out again later, just after the sun came up, and the cheery birdsong that I heard all around me almost melted my heart. I have not heard such joy in the air in what feels like weeks now and their riotous singing was so contagious that it lifted my spirits so. I sort of floated into the now cloudless morning after that. Later in the afternoon on another short walk, I saw a pair of Bald Eagles soar right overhead. From my first glance at them I saw with rapt wonder that they were cavorting some incredible aerial acrobatic dance. I got the distinct impression that this was a pair in mating mode. It seemed to me that the theme for the day, between the birds and me anyway, was one of pure joy. While I have been keenly aware lately of some of the darker, shadowy aspects of life, here was the perfect counterpoint right in The Back 40. Leave it to Mother Nature to flash Her sacredness with such gusto and grace. Never ending miracles most certainly abound. I did a little research and discovered that it is indeed the mating season for Bald Eagles here. So we are in the heart of winter, yet just one day after Groundhog Day, the signs of the coming spring reveal themselves here.

The spirit of the Bald Eagle is one that is caught between the two realms – revealing to all who behold his/her beauty, sheer majesty, and strength of the eternal struggle we two-leggeds and non-wingeds have to transcend the ordinary and experience the Soul taking flight. There was certainly nothing ordinary to me about what I witnessed in the skies above me this day. I cannot get over how appropriate I felt it was that these, our national birds, symbols of greatness, dignity, honor, and endurance, were out and about in all of their glory today! Their spiritual significance buoyed what for me had been spirits sorely in need of bolstering. What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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