Saymore by MIE Mind with Elizabeth Kipp

Welcome to SAYMORE by MIE Mind with Kim Shelar. In this episode, Elizabeth Kipp joins Kim to share her journey on how she moved from living in PAIN to healing from it & now helping her clients around the globe.

Kim asked Elizabeth if there was a specific moment in her life when she shifted her life goals. Her answer: “When I realized that my healing was influenced by the All That Is and not just the part of the world within science that can be observed, measured, and described. This is where western medicine operates from. This fundamental understanding helped me open far greater possibilities in my healing than I had ever accessed before. And since our beliefs can limit our healing and influence it, it was profound for me to be able to expand the horizons of my beliefs like this.”

Elizabeth guides Kim and the listeners through her journey to become the stress management specialist and Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner that she is today and why she uses the tools she does.

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