Still reeling from the loss on April 1, 2014 of our dear Sarah from the pernicious and dreadful dis-ease of addiction. And beyond the close personal loss of a family member, cut down in the prime of life, is the additional torment and frustration that the effects of addiction, more directly than indirectly, are now felt in pretty much every family in North America today. I feel heavy from the weight of grief of so much loss spinning me about. I wonder why I survived the ravages of addiction and yet they took Sarah out. I wonder what could possibly be gleaned as a positive from such a circumstance. Surely there is at least a tiny glimmer of light in all of this darkness and emotional turmoil around this.

I keep hearing Wayne Dyer saying, “Don’t die with your song still in you.” Perhaps Sarah’s tragic and sudden death had a purpose for each of us. Sarah had an extraordinarily beautiful and powerful singing voice. Perhaps Sarah came here as a reminder for all of us to live, full out and without reservation, while we’re still here I’m so grateful to be reminded of this lesson. So I’m embracing a life with the song NOT still in me and to be me, giving voice to that essence. And for Sarah’s death to not be for naught – to start REALLY living life. Of course, this means different things to different people. To me it means to be ourselves – who we really are – which is love in whatever form, and to honor the differences between all of us.

As I walk this journey, Sarah’s spirit visits me from time to time, encouraging me to sing at the top of my voice, and to open to and allow myself to experience all that life has to offer. It is in the allowing that I am afforded the opportunity to savor the sweet surrender, opening myself to and accepting of life’s myriad of offerings. In honoring the light that lives within us all, I tap deeply into my own well of courage and radiance to reveal all of the creativity and love abounding within me just waiting to express itself. I’ll keep that inner fire lit. Just watch the flickering light. Thank you, Sarah, for reminding me to live my life out loud! Love you forever and then some.

#SweetSurrender #LiveOutloud #FindingTheLightInTheDarkness #kippinitreal

Finding the light in the darkness. Just watch that flickering light!


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