Join Elizabeth Kipp and Healing with Yvette for a discussion of the elements of Ancestral Clearing. Elizabeth shares her experiences and insights into the transformative practice of Ancestral Clearing.


Ancestral Clearing is a process

that allows us to release burdens and traumas carried within our lineage, ultimately empowering us to experience joy and resilience. Elizabeth takes us on a journey through her own personal healing and the powerful impact that ancestral clearings can have on individuals and entire populations. Join us as we explore the intersection of science, spirituality, and healing, and discover the techniques and approaches used in this profound healing modality.

❇️ Key topics and bullets

Anecdotal and observational evidence about ancestral energy 

Population groups that have experienced significant pressures

Joy hard to access in certain populations
Negative responses to access to joy in private sessions
The Ancestral Clearing process is a means to release burdens and experience joy
Yoga as a tool to clear blocks of joy 

Ancestral healing and intergenerational trauma explained – Inherited gifts and burdens from ancestors

Research on the effects of unresolved trauma in descendants
The adaptability of the human nervous system and brain

Epigenetics and its role in gene expression

The influence of environmental factors on tendencies and genetic expression
The power and perspective brought by someone

Offering up that which no longer serves us to the Creator 

Acknowledging all types of oppression and seeking forgiveness
Requesting forgiveness for various wrongs and hurts
Plea for release from burdens and limitations
Seeking guidance and protection from the Creator

Introduction to the ten techniques available for clearing burdens

Assurance of the effectiveness of the techniques in dealing with all issues

Elizabeth’s involvement in ancestral healing groups

Observation of difficulty accessing joy in certain populations
Comparison of burden levels between grandparents and grandchildren

Elizabeth’s personal journey into this line of work

Elizabeth’s healing experience and vision related to men and women

Sharing of an ancestral clearing prayer for women’s wounds

Elizabeth’s clients and their varying frequency of sessions

Understanding ancestral clearing and healing from a quantum perspective

Connection across time and influence of past and future in the present

Examples of working with other practitioners and groups in the field

Mention of different modalities and approaches to healing
Importance of respecting boundaries and appropriate language use.
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Ancestral Clearing is a modality developed and taught by John Newton and pioneered by Howard Wills.

The Elements of Ancestral Clearing

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