Here are a few thoughts on the nature of time. Time – we are so bound it, by its order. Our memories can trick us into moving backwards on the timeline or project how we imagine the future to be. We imagine that time is this fabric…a highway runs as warp and weft, albeit in a fragmented, fractal all its own. We say we are moving through time. I have a friend who views time as moving through us. I could bring up our laws governing time and the speed of light, but instead I’ll share this piece. Here is what I feel is the cool part about time: in the quantum world, in any given moment, I/you exist in different versions of ourselves in the past, the present, and the future along the whole continuum – all at once…and our existence itself lives as probability. So, whereas the world we live in day-to-day seems bound and ordered, seen from a different perspective, we exist in an unbounded, infinite space-time matrix. We live a paradox of the bounded within the unbounded. Go figure.

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