Here is my poem on threading the eye of the needle.

We arise and live inseparable

from the Formless, the Unknowable, the Great Weaver, the Divine

yet we forget this our deepest connection

and find we are lost

living in the eye of the needle

walking in a fog

hunting for something.

The hunt takes on a life of its own

and we hunt for the hunt.

We are so lost

we have even forgotten

what it is that we have lost.

We search for the way through

and in the search itself

we cannot thread our way through.

We wonder, “Why is there so much angst and distress in our world?”

We are battling against ourselves.

Go within. Be in the still silence.

We clear the way as we focus on, realize our divinity.

We are the link to heaven on earth.

Our struggle is because we are struggling

against not being able to find our way.

Pause just for a moment.

Understand as you connect back to yourself –

you connect to all of us and the All.

Follow the thread through the eye.

Find yourself on the other side

back where you started

a child in the arms of the Divine.

Come back to yourself.

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