Understanding Relapse – Abstinence vs. True Recovery

Elizabeth Kipp visited with Tommy Rosen,  Founder of Recovery 2.0 and a person in long-term recovery, on his In The Circle Podcast for Episode #8: Understanding Relapse – Abstinence vs. True Recovery. Elizabeth asked Tommy if we could take a closer look at the deeply meaningful subject of relapse. In doing so, we reframed the meaning of the word, removing all shame from its existence and calling in the support of others.

Where it’s easy to point blame at a person, a circumstance, or even one defining moment – we learn to take a step back, in silence, to assess the many other variables that lead to such a moment. In taking responsibility for how we can get there, it becomes easier to avoid the same path.

Tommy discusses these points regarding understanding relapse – abstinence vs. true recovery:

  • Relapse is not a necessity, even though it’s very common
  • Optionality of relapse outcomes
  • Identifying and traveling to different levels of consciousness
  • How can we avoid relapse?
  • What are the signs of a relapse?
  • A relapse protocol
  • How do we distinguish the energy of recovery vs. the energy of relapse

Timestamped Summary:

Relapse prevention and signs in recovery. (0:03)

Tommy emphasizes the importance of not isolating oneself during recovery and reaching out to others for support.

Elizabeth brings up the topic of relapse and its commonality in recovery, while Tommy highlights the importance of understanding that relapse is not inevitable and that there are ways to avoid it. She asks about signs of relapse in recovery from addiction, seeking clarity on triggers and how to avoid them.

Addiction recovery and relapse. (6:18)

The thing about recovery is that it is not just about abstaining from substances, but about understanding and addressing underlying issues.
Recovery begins with abstinence and shifting from fear to love of life. It begins with establishing authenticity; losing integrity leads to relapse.

Relapse, truth, and self-awareness in recovery. (12:44)

Tommy reflects on past cannabis use and its impact on their life, emphasizing the importance of honesty and self-awareness. He shares about his journey of recovery, noting that relapse is a return to a previous level of consciousness and can be traced back to a moment of integrity loss.

Relapse protocol involves studying the experience leading up to the relapse to identify patterns and learn from them.

Recovery, relapse, and the importance of connection with others. (18:22)

Recovery requires taking responsibility, and not blaming others.
Here is a recovery teaching: don’t sit alone with difficult emotions. Reach out to others on the same path.

Tommy shares his personal journey of recovery from addiction, emphasizing the importance of humility and reaching out for help when needed.

Addiction recovery and the concept of the “boogeyman”. (24:59)

Elevating consciousness through work and meetings can lead to crystallization in recovery, reducing fluctuations in old ways of thinking or behaving.
Elizabeth shares her experience with addiction and the feeling of powerlessness, while Tommy discusses the concept of the Boogeyman and its relation to addiction recovery.

Tommy reflects on facing fears and realizing personal responsibility.

Understanding Relapse - Abstinence

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