Understanding the Times through Compassion

Somewhere in the duel between the light and the dark
there’s an empathy gap.

It’s a fundamental part of what’s driving the darkness shrouding us these days.

Where’s the bridge from your pain to my pain?

Can we feel for one another or are we so wrapped up in what happened to us, how hard things are for us, the injustice poured onto us?

Are we so blinded that we cannot see the pain of others?

The First Sutra of the Aquarian Age states, “Recognize the other person is you”.

The Fourth Sutra of the Aquarian Age says, “Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times”.

Can we find a common thread, the one that binds us altogether?

What is the thing that matters to all of us?

Can we make the commitment to be peacemakers instead of sowing division?

And what will it take for us to make such a commitment?

Are we so addicted to pointing fingers at others that we cannot see our own part in feeding the darkness?

Behind the facades,
the masks,
the righteous indignation,
we are each one of us breathing the same air,
walk the same earth,
are of the same earth,
feel the rush of blood coursing through us as our heart beats with life.

We each want to express ourselves and be heard.

We each want a sense of feeling deeply connected –
to ourselves,
to others,
to a power greater and more loving than ourselves.

We crave these things.

They drive everything we do.

Can these simple things be enough to bridge the gap?

The Second Sutra of the Aquarian Age says, “There is a way through every block”.

The great chasm we experience in the world these days – it’s bridgeable. It is not an insurmountable obstacle, no matter how formidable it may appear.

The heart beat and all that it represents – let’s begin there and realize it is the bridge, the block buster, the peacemaker.

Will we stay in limbo, lost in the empathy gap, so wrapped up in our victimhood that we allow the darkness to overrun us?

Or can we step beyond this shadow and stand in empowerment?

Yes. “Be the change you want to see.”

Haven’t we had enough of feeding the darkness?

Will it be contempt and complaining?

Or will it be compassion?

Let’s get super clear here and decide.

What is our intention?

Are we feeding the darkness of nurturing the light?

The other person is you. For real. It’s not just some woo-woo saying.

And there is nothing woo-woo about compassion. It is the essence of every cell in the heart… the power that drives the heartbeat forward. Some of us have just forgotten.

Let’s get to bridging.

Let’s finally understand and embody what these times are calling for.

Inspired by The Infinite Spark inside the heartbeat, Yogi Bhajan, Oprah Winfrey and her interview with Van Jones

Understanding the Times through Compassion
Candle on the dark background


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