There’s a shadow begging for the light –

A beef, a resentment, a calling to be heard.

I know you only wanted me to blossom and flourish,

but things were lost in translation.

Your message got blurred and twisted along the way.

I arrived whole-hearted and ripe with potential.

I did not ask to be folded, wrapped and tied,

spindled, or otherwise manipulated

into some new shape altogether.

I just wanted to be love and be loved.

You did the best you could.

But I bent under the weight and the pressure

of bowing to your image

of who you thought I should be

rather than to who I actually was…and am.

I tried my best to live up to your idea of who I was,

but in the end, I had to live up to who I knew I was.

I finally found myself

lurking deep down in my heart,

awaiting resurrection.

Today I finally stand tall… standing straight,

head held high and sure,

azure eyes blazing with Light,

and my heart…

risen from its long, deep slumber.

I see at long last

through all of it

that I chose you as my teacher

of compassion.

Business concluded.

(Phew…I still feel all of this stuff. I’m going to go into sadhana now and surrender all of it. Then I’m going to #GoOutside)

#LoveMission #Recovery #BadAssRecoveryWarrioress #ThankYou #ElizabethsBlog #kippinitreal


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