In this episode, titled “Unleash Your Healing Power,”

in S1E9 of The Health Revolution TV Show, we speak with Elizabeth Kipp. Elizabeth is a stress management and historical trauma specialist who has a truly remarkable story of personal healing. After 40 years of chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and addiction, she has not only overcome these challenges but also dedicated her life to helping others do the same. Elizabeth is the best-selling author of “The Way Through Chronic Pain: The Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power,” and she joins us today to share her insights and experiences in navigating the complex world of chronic pain. Join us as we delve into the topics of trauma-informed care, integrated mind-body approaches, and the incredible power of the human nervous system.


Key Topics and Bullet Points

Elizabeth’s personal experience with chronic pain, addiction, and anxiety

The use of opioids and benzodiazepines and their effect on thinking

Changes in the approach to dealing with addictive drugs over time

The evolution of trauma and trauma-informed care

Trauma being associated only with physical trauma in the past

The importance of trauma-informed care to unleash your healing power

Different healing approaches Elizabeth tried

Acupuncture, yoga, and massage therapy

Finding a doctor who took a holistic approach

The doctor’s specialization in both brain health and Qigong healing

Being seen as a whole person, not just a medical record

Challenges in determining pain levels

Difficulty in assessing pain based on X-rays

Seeking alternative options

Questioning the doctor’s knowledge and limitations within the medical model

Paradigm shifts and the understanding of brain healing

Elizabeth’s background in neuroscience

Changes in the understanding of the brain’s healing abilities over time

Limitations faced by doctors within the medical system

Working within a specific framework

Constraints imposed by insurance companies

The importance of understanding these factors when seeking medical advice

The doctor’s prognosis and its impact on Elizabeth

Prognosis of being in 7 out of 10 pain and wheelchair-bound

Elizabeth’s reaction to the lack of hope in her prognosis

Shifting perspectives on trauma and chronic pain

Trauma becoming more mainstream in discussions

The connection between addiction and chronic pain

Taking an integrated approach to chronic pain

Understanding the mind-body connection

Healing unresolved trauma

Educating oneself and seeking resources for loved ones with chronic pain

Authors and doctors to explore for information

The role of breathwork and Ancestral Clearing in healing chronic pain

The importance of relaxation and clearing burdens

The surprise of the editor at the effectiveness of ancestral clearing

The impact of chronic pain on mental well-being

Isolation, disconnection, and hindrances to learning

Assessment of the client’s nervous system and targeted breathwork

The power of relaxation and realizing the body’s ability to relax

Moments of hope when clients relax

The journey to healing chronic pain, anxiety, and addiction

Unleash your healing power


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