From The Mat: What’s with All of the Shoulder Action?

Day 31 of Sat Kriya (3 minutes) and Subagh Kriya in my sadhana — oh how I love how I feel when I am finished, but how my mind protests what I feel in my arm and shoulder muscles! I keep hearing myself say, “What’s with all of the shoulder action in this practice? What’s the story?” I get such an attitude about it. I watch myself and laugh a little at the same time that a part of me is furious that I am doing this at all. “Elizabeth, you can stop any time you want. And why are you doing this anyway?” You get the gist of the chatter. Once in the midst of all of these voices, I managed to find a calm center and dropped into a space of just listening. This was the message that came through: “You shoulder the burdens of life, you embrace life, and you bow your head – these muscles better be ready for their appointed tasks.” Boom! I say thank you and Wahe Guru!  #KundaliniYoga #SatNam #LivingBeyondChronicPain #WaheGuru #FromTheMat #kippinitreal


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