Elizabeth Kipp was a guest in Episode #39 on Season 3 of Sarah SparksFloating on a Cloud Podcast! We talked about the value of working with ancestral energy.

We discussed these questions:

– How does the Divine help us align with our ancestors?

– Can we become aware of the information given to us by our ancestors?

– How does working with ancestral energy help us in this life and in our soul evolution?


Here’s a Summary of the Episode

Healing, grace, and mindfulness with Elizabeth Kipp. (0:09)

Elizabeth started her business after healing from chronic pain, anxiety, and addiction.
Grace is the feeling of being held by the divine, and hence, it’s the antidote to the suffering caused by our sense of separation from Source.

Elizabeth Kipp helps clients get more present and in the moment to release anxiety and worry by using trauma-informed and yoga-informed coaching modalities.

Addiction recovery, chronic pain, and trauma-informed yoga. (4:54)
The relapse rate for people in addiction recovery is 80%.
Doctors told Elizbeth for years that chronic pain sufferers cannot heal – until she found a doctor who understood the nature of chronic pain and how to heal it.
 Asking the right questions can lead to solutions.
Elizabeth teaches yoga and trauma-informed approaches for addiction recovery, as she found that chronic pain sufferers often carry unresolved trauma. Additionally, she affiliates herself with other healing and self-awareness programs and continues her education to help others in recovery.

Breathwork, working with ancestral energy, and self-awareness. (15:21)

Elizabeth discusses the importance of breathwork in regulating the nervous system and connecting with ancestors.
The mind follows the breath, and consequently, shallow breathing can lead to tension and difficulty focusing.
Ancestral Clearing work involves releasing issues from the past that have been passed down through generations. The process involves accessing the present moment and working with the ancestors to release unhealthy patterns and beliefs.

Elizabeth’s mission is to

guide others to find freedom from suffering and live thriving lives by unleashing their own healing power.
For addiction recovery or ancestral clearing, BOOK HERE.


working with ancestral energy

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