Our past experiences influence our health and well-being

As we interact with the world around us, our experiences, both in this lifetime and from our ancestors, influence our health and well-being. We carry information from our ancestors through our DNA. Some of this information benefits us, and some limit us because it reflects imprints of unresolved traumas in the lineage. The effects of unresolved adversity influence how we handle stress in this lifetime. We can clear limiting ancestral patterns. We will look into how the influence of the generations can shape us and what we can do about it.

People have different reactions to the same experience

Each person’s capacity to process and integrate their experiences can vary based on complex factors; the individual’s response can also vary. Two people can experience the same event yet have very different reactions. These varied reactions can be related to differences in perspectives. How we experience our environment can be influenced by the information we carry from our lineage. Limiting beliefs passed down in the family can color how we experience the world and affect our health and well-being.

Family and cultural conditioning influence our beliefs and our health

In addition to the ancestral component in our DNA, we receive information throughout our lives that influence our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Our family, friends, and culture direct us to who we should be, how we should act, what is acceptable or not, what we should think, what to believe, and what we should value. Some of these instructions can affect us and our health negatively.

Here are some messages that get passed down through families to children:

  • “We don’t talk about that.”
  • “Children should be seen and not heard.”
  • “You can’t do anything right.”

These can be so ingrained and habitual that parents, other family members, or teachers say them without regard to the impact on the children.

Cultural patterns and expectations play a role in how we interpret the world.

Roles, habits, and beliefs within our families, communities, and society play a significant role in how we interpret the world. We get conditioned by these behaviors and patterns, some of which are unhealthy. We learn the values and expectations of our parents, teachers, and community leaders. They define what is acceptable or not and how we should behave. When we don’t measure up to these expectations, we can experience shame or guilt. Furthermore, the degree to which we experience such negative emotions can be influenced by similar burdens we carry from our ancestors.

The effects of intergenerational trauma

Here are examples of trauma that can get passed down behaviorally through families

  • Parental conflict and other domestic violence
  • Losses through abandonment, divorce, or death
  • Substance abuse
  • Poverty
  • Bullying
  • Emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Community violence

In addition to events that happen to and around us, we also feel the impact of experiences we missed. Some examples include:

  • Not being nurtured, loved, or supported
  • Not being seen, heard, or validated
  • Poor boundaries
  • Not being trusted
  • Being controlled
  • Not being able to make choices

These circumstances profoundly impact our health and how we process our world throughout life. Such experiences create chronic stress if they are not addressed and healed.

Clear ancestral limiting patterns

Ancestral Clearing is a process developed by John Newton and pioneered by Howard Wills and is complementary to all other healing modalities. Using the five techniques of Ancestral Clearing, while we cannot claim to “heal’ anything in particular, people often report feeling lighter and less burdened by negativity. The process addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual issues related to limiting beliefs, conclusions, or judgments rooted in the past. So, with Ancestral Clearing, we can release the adverse effects of the ancestral information we carry and live a healthier and more thriving life beyond the grasp of the tethers of the past.

Some of the benefits of Ancestral Clearing, as reported by clients

  • Heal unresolved issues in your family lineage and in your past in this lifetime
  • Release negative beliefs and limitations passed down through the lineage
  • Feel comfortable and at home in your body
  • Eliminate self-sabotage behaviors
  • Trust your inner guidance
  • Express your true voice
  • Resolve relationship issues

Try Ancestral Clearing for yourself

I have been an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner since May, 2014. Here are some testimonials of the work.

A session of Ancestral cCearing lasts 50 minutes and requires no preparation whatsoever.

You can book a private Ancestral Clearing here.

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