“I have a busy day ahead of me. I have done my sadhana. What more does he (Tommyelf ValentinaKallias kaalias-deviantart-com via pinterest) want from me?” “He doesn’t want anything. He gave you an invitation. Why are you so flatly refusing to even consider his offer?”
“I am tired of feeling like this. And look, the clouds just came into this previously clear-skied morning. And looking at it, now I feel a cloud passed right over my very soul. Lizi, you have dodged this assignment long enough.”
“Do it because it is hard. Do it because somewhere in there you may find something that is yearning to get out. And do it because you know your curiosity is piqued once more. Where else is the work but where it is hard?”
“Darn, Tommy Rosen anyway. How is it that he keeps coming up with assignments that squarely push my buttons? He sure seems to know a thing or two. And I’m torn between wanting to pound my fists in the air at him in protest and wanting to hug him in gratitude and never let go…”
That is the conversation I had with myself as I fixed my breakfast this morning. I vowed to myself that I would not take a bite of that breakfast until I had completed this assignment/love mission. And so the exercise began. I set “Holy” (Kazuhiro Itoh Remix) from ‘Here II Here’ by GlobeSonic DJ Alsutany Presents Yoga Lounge on my iPod (a 6 min., 25 sec. song)and put in my earbuds as I stood in front of the mirror. The words to the song that resonate with me are, “I am holy.” and “We are the ones we are waiting for.” I vowed to myself that I would hold my own gaze. I marveled at how difficult this was. My eyes kept wanting to dance in every direction but straight ahead into themselves. I saw that my ego was very large indeed and directly in the way of this sacred Love Mission. Then I felt the tension in my body soften a little. “This isn’t so bad. What’s the worst that can happen?” and “Stay right here.” I can’t say that I got comfortable standing here doing this, but I did it. That is all Tommy asked, I believe. I seem to remember him saying something about sending love to yourself while doing this exercise. I actually tried to do this, but I must be honest above all else here – I just wasn’t feeling it. But I figure that’s okay. At least I finally said, “Yes!” to this assignment. I am so grateful for everyone in this group who has had the courage to step into this assignment and who has supported me so lovingly and strongly. You hold the Love Pose and I feel you will not be moved. Thank you for that. And thank you, Tommy, for your gracious invitation. My heart grows a little more every day knowing you are here with me. Sat Nam!
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