Harness Healing through Ancestral Clearing

 Learn to harness healing through Ancestral Clearing in this episode titled “Liberation Through Ancestral Healing! with guest Elizabeth Kipp,” in Linda Sanderville‘s podcast.  Join host Linda Sanderville as she delves deep into Elizabeth’s powerful healing journey of overcoming 40 years of chronic pain through holistic practices, Ancestral Clearing, and an unwavering belief in self-transformation. Discover how Elizabeth embraced her pain as a currency of transformation. They also explore the profound impact of ancestral imprints and the process of Ancestral Clearing, which has been pivotal in Elizabeth’s journey. This discussion empowers and inspires, reminding us all of our innate potential to heal and liberate ourselves.

📚 Timestamped overview

00:00 Mind patterns shifting, resistance signals right direction.

04:28 Childhood violence, ancestral impact, and chronic pain.

07:18 Meditation practice helped during challenging times.

11:40 Realize your power; don’t judge pain.

14:49 Loss, meditation, and gratitude in difficult times.

18:35 Pain leads to major life-changing shifts.

24:34 Present moment holds collective energies, verified by science.

28:04 Gift of curiosity, ancestral gratitude, family burdens.

35:33 Harness healing through Ancestral Clearing.

41:43  The Joy Reclaimed Summit with Elizabeth for energized viewers.

🎙️ Episode Highlights for Harnessing Healing through Ancestral Clearing

Here are three key takeaways:

🔹 **Mindset Shift and Empowerment**

Elizabeth shares how she initially felt defensive when challenged about her contribution to her chronic pain. However, she realized she had the power to change her mindset, leading to her incredible recovery in just 52 days.

🔹 **Holistic Healing Practices**

From meditation to acupuncture and yoga, Elizabeth explains how integrating various holistic tools has played a vital role in managing and eventually overcoming her chronic pain.

🔹 **Ancestral Clearing**

Elizabeth introduces the concept of ancestral clearing. She describes it as a process that helps release ancestral burdens and negative imprints passed down through generations, signifying that healing happens in layers over time.

🔗 Listen now and dive deep into the transformative power of Ancestral Clearing.

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Ancestral Clearing is an energy healing modality that complements all other healing methods. Howard Wills pioneered it, and John Newton further developed it and teaches it.


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