Illuminating Our Ancestral Roots with Elizabeth Kipp on SacredU

In today’s episode of SacredU’s  “Shining the Light on Our Community,” we have the pleasure of diving deep into illuminating our ancestral roots with special guest, Elizabeth Kipp. Elizabeth, a stress management and historical trauma specialist, shares her journey of overcoming over 40 years of chronic pain and how she discovered the transformative power of Ancestral Clearing. As an author and practitioner, Elizabeth uses a combination of trauma-informed addiction recovery coaching, yoga, and compassion inquiry to help people on their healing journeys. Join us as we explore the impact of ancestral trauma, the role it plays in our lives today, and the techniques we can use to release it. Get ready to shine a light on your own ancestral healing in this enlightening conversation.


Introduction to Elizabeth Kipp and Ancestral Healing

Elizabeth’s Journey Into Ancestral Clearing

  • Elizabeth’s childhood experience of feeling dark and heavy energy in her home. 
  • Discovering the concept of ancestral clearing later in life. 
  • Understanding the impact of her mother’s experiences during World War II and the loss of her grandmother. 
  • Observing the burden carried by her mother and the generational wounds.

Ancestral Clearing and its Benefits

  • Explanation of DNA as information passed down through generations.
  • Differentiating between genetic and epigenetic changes.
  • Ancestral Clearing is a powerful modality for releasing past trauma and burdens that no longer serve us.
  • The role of yoga in shifting habits and supporting healing.

How Ancestral Clearing Works

  • Overview of the Ancestral Clearing process and different techniques used.
  • The importance of connecting with source energy in the clearing process. 
  • The practitioner’s role in facilitating the release of burdens.
  • Personal experience of the clearing process and the feeling of lightness afterward

Advice for Those Interested in Ancestral Clearing

Suggestion to attend John Newton‘s free call on Ancestral Clearing.

Elizabeth’s availability for group sessions and upcoming workshops

Emphasizing the importance of recognizing the gifts and resilience inherited from ancestors.

Encouragement to approach ancestral healing with a balanced perspective

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Appreciation for the interview and the opportunity to discuss ancestral healing with Sophia Sol

Gratitude for the Sacred You podcast and the chance to share information about Ancestral Clearing

Schedule a Private Session with Elizabeth HERE.

Illuminating our ancestral roots

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