Make Peace using Ancestral Clearing

We are imprinted with information from our ancestors

which helps us to survive. Some of these imprints are also the effect of unresolved trauma in our lineage and can weigh us down. You can make peace using Ancestral Clearing.

What is Ancestral Clearing®?

Ancestral Clearing® is a process developed by John Newton and pioneered by Howard Wills that enables us to release the burdens we carry from unresolved intergenerational trauma. The modality addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual issues and can be done person-to-person, live, over the phone, or online. This process is equally effective no matter how the Practitioner and the client connect. And, when you listen to a recording of a group Ancestral Clearing®, the replay is as effective as the original live clearing.

Trauma and resilience are transmitted through generations.

Rachel Yehuda and her colleagues pioneered our understanding of how the effects of trauma can be transferred from one generation to the next. They studied survivors and children of survivors of the Holocaust. The researchers found that the children of Holocaust survivors were three times more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder if exposed to a traumatic event compared to demographically similar Jewish persons whose parents did not survive the Holocaust. When these offspring experienced post-traumatic stress, they were more vulnerable to the effects of that stress. This was clear evidence that the impact of stress and resilience was being passed generationally.

Individual effects of generational trauma

Common symptoms of transgenerational trauma include:

  • low self-esteem
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • anger
  • self-destructive behaviors
  • substance use disorder

Some behavioral patterns of unresolved trauma passed down through families are:

  • Persistent family narratives
  • Normalization of dehumanizing behaviors toward others
  • Minimizing the impact of traumatic events, especially with children
  • Emotional shutdown
  • Hypervigilance

Make peace using Ancestral Clearing.

I do not make claims that Ancestral Clearing heals specific issues per se, yet I have numerous testimonials from clients of the improvement they felt after a session. The energy field of our ancestors influences our personal lives. The ancestors’ gifts of resilience and their burdens of unresolved adversity live within us. Their strength runs through us. We can also liberate ourselves from limitations that they carried over generations. The Ancestral Clearing® process helps us to lift the veil of forgetting the truth of who we are and allow ourselves to fully experience the light within us by making peace with past hurts and traumas.

For your private Ancestral Clearing session, you can book it here.

Make peace with Ancestral Clearing

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