What is Ancestral Clearing? (Part Two)

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What is Ancestral Clearing?

You might well ask: “What does a session of Ancestral Clearing look like?” A more apt question is: “What does a session of Ancestral Clearing feel like?” I have participated in so many of these sessions.  As an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, I have given even more. I can say unequivocally that I feel a shift in my energy state as I move through these sessions.

We begin by bringing our willingness to deepen into our own healing and humbly and gratefully asking for help from a Power greater than ourselves. It is not necessary that we believe in a Higher Power for us to get help from such a Power, any more than it is necessary that we believe in gravity for it to act on us. We receive help as long as we ask for it and are open to receiving it. This Power is all around us and deep within us and is always there for us.

The practitioner for the Ancestral Clearing session holds space for the client and also opens themselves to receiving from the Higher Power. The client decides what limitation or block they wish to work on during the session, relates this to the practitioner and opens to their willingness to get help. The stage is now set for possibility and transformation with regard to the block the client wishes to work on.

We have the ability to resolve stress.

We forego, offer up, and resolve those blocks that we carry. For instance, the wars of the past in our lineage have left a deeper imprint in our DNA and is stored there as unresolved burden. That imprint is showing up as limitation in our life. We ask for help from the Higher Power to help us resolve this. As we connect to our Higher Power, the impulses from these imprints come from within the body as sensations and bubble up to clear, resolving themselves just by asking for help, peacemaking and forgiveness (offering up), humility and gratitude. It’s both simple and profound.

Release what no longer serves you

There is no need to relive past trauma. We just resolve, accept, let go, offer up that which no longer serves us. Ask, “What are you feeling right now in your body?” We go below the story of the block or limitation and to the sensation that the nervous system is still carrying around the story and resolve that sensation. The energy of that ‘block’ (story) is locked within the body because it hasn’t been resolved or let go of. The innate Intelligence within us directs us by releasing energy that the body has stored there as limitation.

Meet the sensation you feel

We humbly put our direct attention on and allow ourselves to meet the sensation that we are feeling in the body, add forgiveness and peacemaking into the mix to facilitate shifting the energy and letting go and resolving the limitation or block that we are working with. We feel the shift and embrace the resolution that we feel as result of the Ancestral Clearing process with gratitude.

Ancestral Clearing is a direct experience

I have used words here to describe what essentially is a direct experience. The keys to this process are the willingness to humbly ask for help with a limitation or block, meet the sensations that arise as we put our attention on the block, and then to accept without judgment what comes up within the body as sensation, letting the body resolve those things that we have carried for so long and have now offer up to let go with gratitude.

I encourage you to comment below with any questions you might have about the Ancestral Clearing process.

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