Heal the Feminine with Ancestral Clearing®

Ancestral Clearing® can help elevate and heal the Divine Feminine. As a chronic pain and stress management specialist, the first modality I use with a new client is Ancestral Clearing®. Many elements go into healing from chronic pain. Healing the Divine Feminine is a substantial piece of the work involved in releasing the suffering of chronic pain. Ancestral Clearing® is a process pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and trademarked by John Newton of Health Beyond Belief.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is any pain – physical, emotional, spiritual – that is felt 15 days out of 30 for three months or more. The brain cannot tell the difference between one kind of pain and another kind. All kinds of pain send the same signal, “it hurts,” to the brain.

The creative process can be suppressed because of generational trauma

Women carry intergenerational wounds related to issues of the patriarchy. Men, though they may not be conscious of them, have these same wounds through their mothers. Healing the feminine burden that people carry is a fundamental part of healing chronic pain. For example, we find that clients who have gone through the Ancestral Clearing® process experience greater creativity, joy, and fulfillment. Part of the Ancestral Clearing® work is helping people find release around the issues that keep them from accessing joy.

Many people do not understand the concept as a lived experience of Oneness

We live on a planet loaded with people who are experiencing illness, chronic pain, addiction, and live in fear. Many people do not understand the concept of Oneness s a lived experience – that we are all connected. There is all this separation. This problem can be traced, at least in part, back to the patriarchy, which is power-based and rooted in fear. It thrives on the illusion of separation.

Heal the Feminine with Ancestral Clearing

Rebirthing of the Divine Feminine

People are talking about the rebirthing of the Divine Feminine energy. You could say that right now, we are in the part of the rebirthing process where we are having labor pains. We can see this when we see the wounds of the Divine Feminine have just come to the surface. A few years ago, who would have imagined that the “Me Too” Movement would have arisen in the world as an issue? And who would have guessed that there would be a “Me Too” Movement in the world of yoga? Some male teachers in yoga abused their students. So, as beautiful as it sounds, the rebirthing of the Divine Feminine energy is not easy. Right now, we are in a healing crisis concerning the Divine Feminine and the wounds the feminine has experienced as a result of the adverse effects of the patriarchy.

Breaking the cycle – the transitional character and Ancestral Clearing®

A transitional character is a person who in a single generation changes the course of the entire lineage. The changes might be positive or negative. Some examples are those who break the cycle of violence or addiction in their family. The break the cycle of abuse in the family. In The Wisdom of Trauma film seven-day series of talks featuring Dr. Gabor Mate, many people posted in the Facebook chats: “I feel I am a cycle-breaker, but I do not know what can support me in this effort.”

How can you heal ancestral trauma myself and for the whole lineage?

Healing ancestral trauma is part of why I became an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner. Let’s understand a little more about the nature of Ancestral Clearing® and what’s happening while we do it. We do the work in the present moment. When we work in the present moment, we are working in the quantum field, so we have access to the past, present and future all at once.

Ancestral Clearing® accesses the quantum field

Ancestral Clearing® accesses the quantum field as part of its process. The Ancestral Clearing Practitioner is essentially working in nonlinear time, which is called quantum entanglement. So ling as the they are in the present moment, the client is also working in this space of nonlinear time. If you are in the present moment, you have access to all timelines.

Healing occurs in the present moment – clearing the whole lineage

Healing happens in the present moment. Healing cannot happen in the past or future, only in the now. Interestingly, quantum physics is explaining to us that the present moment gives us access to the past, present, and future all at once. Therefore, when we clear ourselves of the unresolved burdens from the past through the Ancestral Clearing® process, we clear the whole lineage – front and back. There’s no limitation on the number of generations that can be affected. So, the Ancestral Clearing® process can heal the Feminine throughout all space and time.

Benefits of healing the Feminine with Ancestral Clearing®

Some of the benefits reported by client who have gone through the Ancestral Clearing® process include:

  • The end of self-sabotage
  • Stubborn weight releasing that has been held for decades
  • Relationships of all kinds coming to a new place of peace and understanding
  • Sleeping soundly after years of experiencing insomnia
  • People meeting their soulmates after years of searching
  • Chronic stress easing and disappearing
  • Cravings gone
  • People finding their life’s work, where they feel supported and being on their purpose

If you would like to experience the power of Ancestral Clearing®, click here to schedule your private session.

I was able to release so many burdens I carried through my lineage around wounds to the feminine. Some of these included issues like

  • Body shaming
  • Being able to stand in my power
  • Learning to trust my intuition
  • Healing sexual hurts and wrongs
  • Finding my voice and speaking my truth unapologetically

The process of Ancestral Clearing® allowed me to find a new way to live a life without suffering from the weight of the unresolved traumas of my past and the other women in my lineage.
You can, too.

If you would like to learn more about the Ancestral Clearing® process and clearing your lineage of generational wounds, you can find out more at my website https://Elizabeth-Kipp.com or email me at Elizabeth@Elizabeth-Kipp.com

Elizabeth Kipp is a Chronic Pain Management Specialist, Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner, Yoga-Informed and Trauma-Trained Addiction Recovery Coach, and best-selling author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.



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