The Safe Zone: Reclaiming the Body Temple through Trauma-Informed Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga has a great deal to offer people who have experienced trauma and those who struggle with PTSD. Kundalini Yoga kriyas impact both the body-based and psychological underpinnings of trauma. This workshop This precisely named and focused workshop will study the causes and possible cures for those traumatic events which plague many people. The end may seem distant but in actual practice Kundalini Yoga can ameliorate much of the pain and bring peace of mind closer to those who seek it. This is a safe place for students to practice focused kriyas to help relieve chronic tension held in the body. We will cover the fundamentals of chronic stress and how Kundalini Yoga helps refocus energy to a more peaceful state. Healing mantras to help with stress relief will be taught. Sound healing with a gong immersion included.

Beginners welcome! No experience necessary.

This workshop will be held at Kansas City Kundalini Yoga, 3525 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64111 on March 30, 2019 from 1pm-4pm. Price: $30.

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